Newton’s laws of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is precisely the phenomenon that Spanish filmmakers Stefano Caprile and Alejandra Cano will be capturing in their up and coming short movie called Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others.

Everything That Moves Is Moved By Others is an upcoming independent short film about someone without identity that lives everyday in the same day. But, a whisper under a moving rock will make him realize that anyone can give motion to everything else. As the beloved moves the lover of love, or the earth revolves around the sun by gravity. And so on, until you reach the sphere of fixed stars, that should also be moved by something. Because everything that moves, is moved by others. But if for some reason, the moving cause stops, all the movement will cease. The short film has a surrealistic cinematic style, and is inspired by some premises of the New Age movement. The story picks up and plays with many philosophical ideas, such as those concerning reality, authenticity, determinism, free will and human potential.

As concepts go this is indeed an interesting one, and if the stills released by the creative duo are anything to go by, the movie is looking visually stunning already. Born in Spain but currently residing in San Francisco, students Stefano and Alejandra have already been involved in a number of varied creative projects including art installations, sculptures, film, web design, photography, modelling, painting, 3-D design, interior design and fashion.

The creators told Wicked Comics that work on this project started early this year and included research, creative thinking, sketching and writing. The first part of the movie was shot in May during a week long session in The Death Valley. The first 30 rolls that were filmed have already been edited. Now the creators have started a Kickstarter campaign to ensure that the second part of the movie is completed without compromising the quality of the project. Although a small movie this is still a relatively “big budget” production for two creative students.

The funding campaign ends on the 26th July 2012, and a target of $16, 000 is needs to be reached for the funding to go through. So if you like creative projects Wicked Comics recommend you support this one. A variety of perks are being offered to all those who donate to this fund which includes the usual plethora of T-Shirts, Dvds, Posters, Postcard Sets, Panoramic Prints etc. But the biggest perk is an immersive animated e-book with video, photos, sound and music which can be downloaded on iPads and iPhones. Every little bit counts:

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The creators stated that “A friend told us about the crowd funding, a new way to fund creative projects which anyone can make a little donation and get a reward. So we thought – that idea is amazing – It is like the concept of our short film – Everything that moves, is moved by others – Lets do it!

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