European Comics Journal is the new magazine for readers and creators of comics. Apart from news on European comics, with author interviews and exciting articles, the European Comics Journal will offer insight into the going ons in the indie comics industry. It will feature creators and independent publishers and have previews of indie comics, providing comprehensive coverage.

Diego Comics Publishing has distributed two promotional issues in March and July 2015, “The enthusiasm of those who have read the magazine has shown us that there is a need for a magazine of this kind.” says Marcella Pennestri, the editor-in-chief. “Therefore we decided to assemble an editorial dream team to help increase the quality of the European Comics Journal. We will also have an awesome cover-art by the renown artist Claudia SGI.

European Comics Journal will be published quarterly, as a sixty-four full color page glossy magazine, sized 244x170mm. The first issue will be released in January 2015 with a digression into the Steampunk world.

Diego Comics Publishing and the European Comics Journal will also launch the first Indie Comic Award. ‘Comics are a remarkable medium, able to portray almost everything with the finesse of story and artistry,‘ says Marcella. ‘Thousands of comics project are launched on Kickstarter each year: some are successful, and other fails to come to life. Regardless, the final results leave us with comics that have high quality stories, illustrations, marketing strategies, videos, and projects’s updates,‘ add Giuseppe Pennestri, the Publisher. ‘Those are just some of the criteria we will use to select the winning project of the first Indie Comics Award. The winner will get one year advertising package in European Comics Journal, and an awesome trophy.

The European Comics Journal promises a lot of surprises and opportunities for both comics creators and to the reader who loves to discover brilliant and exciting comics other than the mainstream once.

European Comics Journal is currently collecting subscribers through a new Kickstarter campaign with the goal to raise the amount of funding needed to produce, print, package and mail the four issues scheduled for 2016. One year subscription cost only £22 ($33 – €30)

Follow the link below to the campaign page.

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