Wicked Comics are proud to announce that the first phase of Malta Comic Con 2017 have already sold out. Phase 2 Super Saver tickets are now available online from the Malta Comic Con website (http://www.maltacomic-con.com/product-category/tickets) and offline from Pandora’s Box Collectables (Tarxien), Toy Town (Birkirkara) and RC World (Naxxar) at – 10 for 1 day and – 14 for 2 days.

Wicked Comics are also proud to announce that guests Lee Townsend, Ian Sharman, Cliodhna, Clint Langley, Leonidas ‘Steve’ Stivaktis and Lea Gerard as well as exhibitors Agenda Bookshop, Daniel Mercieca, Jonathan Shaller, Leanne Agius, Lawrence Paul Zrinzo and Scatterbrian will be joining the previously announced guest and exhibitors amongst the highlights of Malta Comic Convention (MCC) 2017. The 9th edition of the Malta Comic Con (MCC) will be held on Saturday 2rd December (10am-6pm) and Sunday 3rd December (11am-7pm) 2017 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

Lee Townsend

Lee Townsend started working in the comic industry in the mid 90’s. Throughout his career he has worked on titles such as Action Man, Transformers (Marvel Uk), Spider-Man, Avengers, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk (Marvel), Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter, Flesh (2000AD), Hellblazer and World of Warcraft (DC). He has also spent several years working in the animation industry for Disney and Dreamworks and is currently drawing comic strips for Cartoon Network and storyboards for adverts and films. He is also in discussion on new comic projects with Marvel and DC.


Ian Sharman

Ian Sharman is the award winning writer of Alpha Gods, Hero: 9 to 5, Hypergirl, The Intergalactic Adventures of Zakk Ridley and Spacescape. He also contributes and edits the Eagle Award nominated anthology Eleventh Hour. Ian has also inked titles such as Spider-Man, Iron Man and X-Men for Panini Comics and lettered the Doctor Who graphic novels and the AX Collection of underground manga published by Top Shelf. He’s also Editor In Chief of Markosia, one of the leading independent publishers of graphic novels in the UK, and runs Orang Utan Comics, a UK based collective of comic book creators. In addition to this Ian is also the producer and one of the stars of the audio drama Ray Gunn & Starburst and recently released a collection of flash fiction and poetry called Words On A Wall.




Cliodhna is an Irish animator and illustrator. She studied animation at Ballyfermot College in Dublin and comics at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her film credits include ‘The Secret of Kells, and ‘The 99 Unbound’. She has also contributed to several comic book anthologies including War: The Human Cost, Ink+paper and The Whores of Mensa as well as editing the charity anthology ‘I’m sorry I can’t take your call right now but I’m off saving the world’.


Clint Langley

Clint Langley is a British comic book artist best known for his work on series Slaine and ABC Warriors with Pat Mills at 2000AD and as the cover artist for Marvel Comics – Guardians of the Galaxy, Hawkeye and Ghost Rider. He has also produced art for Games workshops –  Warhammer universe, Radical Comics – Hercules and collectible card art for Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft.



Leonidas ‘Steve’ Stivaktis

Greek creator Leonidas Stivaktis graduated from Ornerakis School of Applied Arts, where he studied comics and illustration, and has also studied Creative Writing in the Kapodistrian University of Athens. To date Steve, as he is also known has self-published ten zines, two sketchbooks, and a graphic novel, illustrated various children’s books and the core book for the role-playing game The Small Folk. His comics are usually about various fantasy settings, puns, gender and sexuality, and too many dolphins. He loves attending comic conventions and festivals.


Lea Gerard

Lea is a twenty-two year old living in the countryside of England. Now a graduate, she works in retail and has found her passion in creating zines about what she knows best: conservation, animals and ridiculous stories from her adventures to places such as Africa, Spain and Madagascar. Her first zine ‘Pandas Are A##holes’ has just been completed and at least two more are currently in the works.


Agenda Bookshop

Agenda are one of the leading bookshops on the Island. During the Malta Comic Con they will be stocking a large selection of books related to some of the biggest franchises in the world including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Batman and TMNT. In addition to this they will also have a selection of graphic novels and manga including popular titles such as Superman, Supergril, Green Arrow, Deadpool, Iron Man, Hulk, Red Sonia, Spawn, One Punch Man, Assassination Classroom, JoJo’s Bizarre adventure, Hunter X Hunter and much more.


Daniel Mercieca

Daniel Mercieca is a 27 year old MFA Digital Arts graduate practicing comic art, character design, concept art and illustration. He is currently working as a game developer!


Jonathan Shaller

Jonathan Shaller is a British video games artist with over a decade of experience. He has worked on titles such as Call Of Duty, The Transformers, Angry Birds and The Chronicles of Narnia creating anything from game environments to vehicles, weaponry and characters. He is currently working in the action figure industry with a professional interest in digital sculpture, toy production, cnc milling and 3D printing.


Leanne Agius

Leanne Agius is a 20 year old self thought digital illustrator who will be exhibiting for the first time during Malta Comic Con 2017. Besides digital illustration she also uses traditional media such as inks, markers, pencils and fabric painting. In the past she has also successfully experimented in prop making. Leanne is also known as Riri in reference to her social media page LilRicanRiri and cites My Little Pony, furries and anime as her inspiration. Her work is a mixture of original pieces and fanart as tribute to her inspirations.


Lawrence Paul Zrinzo 

Lawrence Zrinzo started to draw at an early age and is considered amongst the veteran local artist. He is an inker and a colourist and through his work he often pays tribute to his favourite Japanese and American comic artists. The highlights of his work include two classic Anime illustration exhibitions, various appearances on TV and his work featured in issue 42 of the American comic art Sketch Magazine. Through Wicked Comics Lawrence has also exhibited at the London Super Comic Con 2015.



Known as Scatterbrain, Vincianne is an aspiring local illustrator who will be making her debut appearance in the forthcoming Malta Comic Con. Her work consists of a mixture of fan art and original pieces as well as resin charms/jewellery and embroidery patches.


Wicked Comics are also offering a number of travelling and accommodation packages for foreign fans who wish to join the Malta Comic Convention. Details can be found on the Malta Comic Con website through the following links:



Interested parties are kindly requested to send an email to Wicked Comics on (info@maltacomic-con.com).

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