The Uncanny is William D. Hodge´s signature series about imagination and the fight to keep it from going extinct. The Zen Brawler, The Voodoo Wildchild, The Faceless Mystery Man, The New Age Oracle, The Master of the Steel Skin Technique, The Psycho Soul, and the Gnostic Spirit are “The Uncanny”, a mystery school of revolutionaries fighting against conformity and the genocide of the imagination. Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature.

The Uncanny Prologue

Written and Illustrated by William D. Hodge
Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

A little girl witnesses a battle between the Uncanny and The Thought Police over the life of a stranger. Is this just the wild imagination of a child or the beginning of the unseen war against freedom and imagination? Living shadows, fractal ego traps and steam powered consciousness. Is The Uncanny a myth or legend?

The Uncanny Prologue is free to download via Comixology (very soon) or
Wyldcard Studio´s website.

William D. Hodge has completed 7 issues (1 through 6 plus a Prologue issue) in total and a collection of issues 1-3. The books were published through a print on demand site Ka-blam. All of the issues are on sale, and they stay on sale at

According to William D. Hodge this “is a super hero book. My take on a new age of super heroes. The difference with my approach is that each of the characters have achieved their abilities through physical or mental means. It’s a team book that will deal with a lot of different subjects. It’s tone and subject are similar to The Matrix (which is a huge influence along with Grant Morrison)”.

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