Future Primitive is a new, digital first series published by Markosia commencing in May/June2014. Created by British writer Kevin Gunstone and the Serbian artist Slobodan Jovanovic, it chronicles the last story of an Earth where a supernova has transformed life on the planet’s surface – triggering a worldwide hominid metamorphosis and spawning weird, hybrid intelligences.

On this strangely mutated Earth, Kulkan, last warrior king of the Neanderthal ‘Skybearers’, investigates abductions on their furthermost borders. Assisted by his half-brother, Xotol of the Dead, they discover sacrifices dedicated to Chodesh, Moon Mother of the bloodthirsty Australopith ‘Clan’. A lunar apparition has fueled the Clan’s bloodlust, but the scientifically advanced Skybearers realise they are witnessing the first signs of the mutating supernova’s resultant shockwave – a devastating force set to obliterate the world it once transformed.

Set in an age outside of time, FUTURE PRIMITIVE is a spectacular, dynamic, and hallucinatory stonepunk adventure that follows Kulkan as he battles for the survival of his unique civilization and the preservation of their ‘Memory of Being’ – the sacred cave images relaying Skybearer history and myths – and in which he will find a tantalizing clue…

Published by Markosia Enterprises, and available through Comixology and other digital outlets, this intriguing series is set to run for five issues with a print collection to follow. Written by former Image and Marvel creator Kevin Gunstone; the art is provided by rising talent Slobodan Jovanovic, with colours by Matteo Baldrighi and lettering and design by Patrick Foster.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FuturePrimitiveComic

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