Wicked Comics (organisers of the Malta Comic Con and promoters of the comic culture world wide) invite you to pledge your support to another wicked comic book anthology from Cloudscape Comics titled Giants of Main Street. The book will only be published if the ?3000 target (necessary for printing) is reached by the 12th of May. So if you love comics make sure to pre-order your copy now to ensure that this book becomes the giant it deserves to be.

Giants of Main Street will be a giant-sized 150-page comics anthology bringing 25 artists and writers together from the Vancouver area. The theme of the book is “fantasy in an urban environment.” The contributors involved include Edison Yan (Scribblenauts), John Christmas (Spectre of Sound), Rebecca Dart (Rabbithead, Battle Kittens), Colin Upton (Diabetes Funnies), Steve LeCouilliard (Much the Miller”s Son), and Jonathon Dalton (Lords of Death and Life).

The book is being put together by Cloudscape Comics, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting comics creators in British Columbia. Cloudscape has successfully printed five previous comics anthologies and is seeking help from the internet to raise the remaining $3000 needed to print this one. The stories are finished and the book is in the process of being designed. All they need is the funding to print it.

For $30, signed copies of Giants of Main Street can be pre-ordered through a fundraiser on IndieGoGo: http://www.indiegogo.com/Giants-of-Main-Street

The fundraiser also offers as perks previous Cloudscape anthologies, ebooks, books by individual members, and original art commissions. The deadline is May 12th for Cloudscape to raise the money it needs. This is a beautiful and well-written book and deserves to be in print. So show your support now by visiting:


For more info on Cloudscape Comics visit:


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