Cloudscape Comics the non-profit organisation supporting comic creators in British Columbia, Canada have just announced that their latest anthology; Giants of Main Streets has been published. A shipping party along with details of how those who pre-ordered their copy can pick it up will be announced shortly.

Giants of Main Street is a giant-sized 150-page comic anthology bringing 25 artists and writers together from the Vancouver area. The theme of the book is “fantasy in an urban environment.” The contributors involved include Edison Yan (Scribblenauts), John Christmas (Spectre of Sound), Rebecca Dart (Rabbithead, Battle Kittens), Colin Upton (Diabetes Funnies), Steve LeCouilliard (Much the Miller’s Son), and Jonathon Dalton (Lords of Death and Life).

Cloudscape Comics have also announced that they are planning to apply for a scheme to be introduced by the Vancouver Parks Board to offer free studio space to artists in exchange for volunteering in the community in art-related activities. So if you’re an artist from Vancouver, Canada and are interested in this scheme contact Jeff at for more details.

Cloudscape Comics have also launched a new contest called the Monster Alphabet.

Every week, a name for a strange new creature will be posted, each one beginning with a new letter of the alphabet. Creators will have until the following Wednesday to create a drawing of whatever bizarre monster or fabulous beast that name inspires them to create. Then all the pictures will be posted together and the general public will vote on which creature they think best suits the particular name. After that, Bevan will write a one-paragraph description of the creature based on the drawing, post it on the website, and the process will repeat itself until a gallery of 26 monsters, one for each letter of the alphabet is established. Submissions should be sent to Bevan at: The first monster is: “Albora.” Pictures of the Albora will be due on Wednesday, June the 27th

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