More quality guests revealed for the 7th edition of the Malta Comic Con as Wicked Comics are proud to announce that internationally renowned creators Goran Parlov (The Punisher – Max Series), Mark Farmer (JLA), Nicolas Keramidas (Luuna), as well as acclaimed independent creator Asia Alfasi (Juha: The Tales of Sheikh Nasruddin), and comics broadcaster, events coordinator and academic Chris J. Thompson will be joining Simon Davis, Sabine Rich, John Freeman, Tim Perkins, Boo Cook, Mike Krome, Heba Rena Yassin, Guillermo Ortego, Sean Azzopardi, Pye Parr, Dani, Giulia Della Ciana, Michael Dialynas, Ilias Kyriazis, Cliodhna and Copper Mouflon as guests for the Malta Comic Con 2015 which will be held on Saturday 5th (10am-6pm) and Sunday 6th (11am-7pm) December 2015 at the Magazino Hall/Old Power House, Valetta Waterfront.

Goran Parlov:

Goran Parlov

Parlov began drawing comics professionally in the early 90s, after moving to Italy. His first published work was in the Ken Parker Magazine, where he drew an episode of the regular series and a short story, written by Giancarlo Berardi. In 1993 Parlov joined Bonelli, where he started out illustrating the Nick Raider series, and later moved on to the Magico Vento. In the early 2000s he began working for the American market, first at Vertigo, where he finished Jamie Delano’s Outlaw Nation series for Goran Sudžuka. He subsequently did a fill-in arc at Y: The Last Man, and later did work for Marvel including the Max series: The Punisher. He also illustrated Mark Millar’s Starlight published by Image.

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Mark Farmer:


Mark Farmer began his inking career working with Mike Collins in various fanzines before they both progressed to semi-regular work for Marvel UK and 2000AD.

He was invited by Dave Gibbons to help ink an issue or two of Green Lantern in 1983 and he has worked regularly for DC and Marvel ever since. He has worked in partnership with Alan Davis, surely the best storyteller working in comics today, on titles as diverse as JLA, Legion of Super-Heroes, Batman, Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men, for longer than he cares to remember.

He has been fortunate enough to work with some truly talented pencillers including Adam Hughes, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Gil Kane, Adam Kubert and Rags Morales.

Mark firmly believes his inks always look better in black and white and unless the colourist is exceptional comics are always diminished in the colouring process.


Nicolas Keramidas:

Keramidas ok

Born in Paris in 1972. After doing his BAC in design at Grenoble, he returned to Paris for 2 years at the CFT Goblins (animation section). In 1993, he started working at Walt Disney Studios at Montreuil where he worked for 9 years.

At the end of the 2000s, he presented to Soleil a project with the adventures of a pre-historic girl called Luuna. But after meeting with Didier Crisse, Luuna became a young native American and the first series to be published by Nicolas by Soleil (8 issues).

In 2008, the first collection was published entitled ‘Sur les Traces de Luuna’ (2 volumes) and in January 2009 he inaugurated ‘Les Légendes de Troy’ with the first issue ‘Tykko des Sables’ with a screenplay of Arleston et Melanÿn. (3 issues).

He collaborated with Sfar and Trondheim for an episode of the series Donjon, for the Delcourt editions. For Glénat, he published 3 issues of ‘Alice au Pays des Singes’ from a screenplay of Tébo.

He is currently working on a new series about Luuna with Morvan whilst waiting for the publishing in March of his new work ‘Mickey’s Craziest’s Adventures’ with Trondheim at Glénat.


Asia Alfasi:


Asia Alfasi is an award winning British Libyan graphic novelist. Born in Libya in 1984, she spent her formative years first in Tripoli, and then in Glasgow, Scotland upon migrating there with her family. The definitive Libyan childhood, at the time, was replete with Arabic-dubbed Japanese anime based on classic novels such as Little Women, Anne of Green Gables and Les Miserables, all of which inspired and nurtured her love of the genre.

Following the events of 9/11, and upon discovery of serious acclaimed graphic novels such as Art Spiegleman’s “Maus”, Joe Sacco’s “Palestine” and Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis”, she realised their immense potential at humanising issues and bringing forth the plight of often marginalised people to the fore and therefore furthering understanding.. As a result, she vowed to take part in that through representing the Muslim Arab voice through her work and contributing to that literary and artistic discourse.
Asia has won several national and international manga awards with short stories, earning her a position in London’s acclaimed 2014 “Comics Unmasked” exhibition under the banner of ‘names to look out for’.

Having spent a couple of years in Libya during and after the recent revolution, she is currently re- working a semi-autobiographical graphic novel based on her childhood in Libya, as well as a series based on an Islamic Folk Tale Character “Juha: The Tales of Sheikh Nasruddin” and “Native Narratives: Libyan folk tales” with the ultimate aim of harnessing the medium as a tool for cross- cultural dialogue.


Chirs J. Thompson:


Chris Thompson is a world-renowned comics broadcaster, event coordinator, and academic.

He is the key host at Lakes International Comic Art Festival, NICE Convention and Malta Comic Con, and conducts premier panels at San Diego Comic Con International, Thought Bubble Festival and other venues

His weekly podcast Orbital In Conversation is featured on iTunes and Multiversity Comics, with past guests including Alan Moore, Gerard Way, Julie Maroh, Mike Mignola & Chuck Palahniuk.

Chris is Events Manager at Orbital Comics in central London, where he curates high quality gallery shows, signings, talks and art classes.

“Chris Thompson is an interviewer of the first order … because [he] knows the first thing about being an *interviewer* is knowing how to listen”.

Chris will also be hosting a series of events, talks and discussion panels during the Malta Comic Con 2015.


“The Malta Comic Con wouldn’t not be what it is today without Thompson’s invaluable input! Not only does he come up with and host a series of entertaining and informative panels during each year’s show but he also acts as an ambassador to it throughout the year. For this we thank him and proudly welcome him back on our shores. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting Alfasi and Farmer earlier this year at London Super Comic Con and aside from being really nice people we’re certain that along with Parlov and Keramidas they’re going to elevate the standard of the Malta Comic Con 2015.So while we thank them for accepting our invitation we look forward to hosting them in Malta” said Chris Le Galle co-founder of Wicked Comics.

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