STEELE VS is an action/horror comic book starring legendary “Mountie” Sam Steele! It combines the history and folklore of the Canadian frontier with the action and adventure of early pulps!

Written, created & produced by indie comic book writer Scott R. Schmidt and gorgeously illustrated by Slobodan Jovanovic, K Michael Russell & HdE!

Steele Vs chronicles the adventures of legendary North-West Mounted Police officer Sam Steele as he battles both man and myth across the harsh and mysterious Canadian frontier. The Kickstarter Campaign is seeking funding for issue one of Steele’s first miniseries. Steele #1 Vs Dead Horse Trail sees the titular hero investigating a brutal slaying on the trail, but as Steele tracks the killer through a raging blizzard, he begins to wonder whether the culprit is man, beast or some terrible amalgam of both. Backers of Steele #1 Vs Dead Horse Trail will not only receive the completed #1 issue, but also the first full-length Steele Vs adventure, Steele #0 Vs The Ghost Walker which both introduces the character and his universe and establishes the tone of the series. Sam Steele: not your typical red shirt.

(Steele Vs)
(Pistol-Whip Press)
(Scott R. Schmidt)

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