Max and the Flock are back! Marvel and international best-selling author James Patterson are pleased to announce the continuation of the Max Ride saga with JAMES PATTERSON’S MAX RIDE: ULTIMATE FLIGHT #1, a brand new series set to debut this November!

Writer Jody Houser and artist R.B. Silva take the reins on the fast paced high stakes adventures of Max, a teenage girl, who due to genetic tampering is part human and part avian! After escaping from their creators and now on the run, Max and her “Flock” use their extraordinary abilities to defend themselves and save the world. Now more determined than ever to learn the truth, they’ll stop at nothing to uncover the secrets of their origins and discover the limits of their new found abilities. But when a new stranger enters their lives, she’ll turn their whole world upside down!

Seeing heroes who look like us give us an example to aspire to,” says Houser on the importance of young heroes. “It shows us possibilities of what we can be, what we’re capable of. More importantly, seeing versions of ourselves in stories shows us that we matter.

Can Max save the world and save her family? Or will she have to choose? A bold new adventure is about to take flight. Be there as the fantastic world of James Patterson soars off the pages as only Marvel can bring you in JAMES PATTERSON’S MAX RIDE: ULTIMATE FLIGHT #1!

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