Wicked Comics are proud to announce that issue three of Jim Mahfood’s Scum of the Earth (artbook/comic/zine) has just been released and is available directly from Jim’s website at: http://www.jimmahfood.com/shop/product-category/books

Renowned for his wickedly hip graffiti influenced artwork, creator Jim Mahfood also known as Food One is as versatile as they come. Having illustrated Kevin Smith’s Clerks comic books and a number of titles for Marvel including the much acclaimed X-Men related Generation X Underground Special (which he also wrote) Jim has also successfully branched off into the fields of illustration, advertising, murals, fine art, animation, live art in nightclubs, and custom body-painting. Notwithstanding the fact that Food One has worked for a number of major companies and in multiple fields he has always been the type of creator that likes doing his own thing which includes a penchant for comic strips.

The first issue of Scum of the Earth was published way back in 2010 and it’s basically Jim doing his own thing. It’s a kind of a mini-comic/zine with art and comics in it. It also features a running comic strip featuring two new characters Brick-Brian & Jazz Jazz. The third issue has 32 pages of art, sketches, bad ideas and part 3 of the epic Brick-Brian & Jazz Jazz. It comes signed and numbered by Mahfood himself and is available in both Regular format for $20 and in Deluxe Collector’s Edition format for $40 which features a dynamic original piece of art on the cover by Jim, thus ensuring that no two covers will be the same.

The final issue of Scum of the Earth is scheduled for release later this year. Speaking to Wicked Comics, Jim summarised the project perfectly stating that “the whole ‘scum’ thing is just my way of putting out some cool stuff that my hardcore fans can get while I’m in between other books or projects. I really dig mini-comics, I’ve been self-publishing them in some form or another since 1997 and I like being able to make something special for the fans”.

So any self-respecting Mahfood fan should lap this up, and if one has never read Mahfood before we suggest giving this one a try.

For more info and sales kindly visit: http://www.jimmahfood.com/shop/product-category/books

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