David Sandoval is asking for help in making the first issue of “The Tribulations of Abaddon” a reality.

This is a medieval adventure where warriors must join forces, caught in the centre of an epic battle between angels and demons. The journey to produce this fantastic tale has been a long one. David has been working on T.O.A. for a few years, and in the process of development he came together with a fantastic team of artists who have helped him create this labour of love.

This first issue will have 24 pages of story as well as 8 pages of bonus materials including concept sketches and pinup art. That’s a 32 page book!

The Team:
Interiors by: Kris Cagle
Inks by: Juan Albarran
Colors by: Tommy Shelton
Lettering by: Kel Nuttall

With covers by:
Romano Molenaar / Jonathan Glapion / Thomas Mason
Patrick Blaine / Jonathan Glapion / Colors Coming Soon
Richard Bonk / Kevin Conrad / Thomas Mason
Kevin Conrad / Jonathan Glapion / Thomas Mason
Richard Bonk / Patrick Blaine / Kris Cagle / Thomas Mason
Paolo Pantalena / Nei Ruffino
Patrick Blaine / Jonathan Glapion / Steve Firchow

As humanity prospers and kingdoms grow, the balance of good and evil shifts into chaos when the demon Syria escapes from the dark bowels of Hell. Back on Earth, the Sumerian city of Larsa begins to consume itself as a demonic plague begins to spread at an overwhelming rate. Its defending warriors desperately strive to maintain their existence, and ensure their survival, by coming together. They overcome great odds as they fight for their lives, caught in the war between Heaven and Hell.

Fans can help the Kickstarter funding which will be used to help pay for the interior sequential art, which includes: pencils by Kris Cagle, inks by Juan Albarran, colors by Tommy Shelton, lettering by Kel Nuttall, post-production graphic design by Raymond Dowaliby, and the printing and Distribution of T.O.A. #1. David has been personally funding the creative production of this book, but he can’t do it alone — and producing the physical comic is a financial challenge in itself. The artistic team has gotten some great reactions from fellow creators, artists and fans in the industry, so TOA-team is even more excited than ever about bringing this comic to readers!

“The Tribulations of Abaddon is one of those rare projects that comes along and combines everything I love about high fantasy in the comic medium. N.A.S Studios is putting together an incredible tale of sword, sorcery, angels and demons and I am very excited to be involved in helping to bring this to life!”
Patrick Blaine (penciler/artist for Top Cow, Dark Horse, DC)

“TOA… monsters, demons, hot women, badass men. And a great storyline to boot! I am looking forward to my involvement with this project.”
Kevin Conrad (inker/artist for Image, DC)

“T.O.A. is a BIG story… Big, over-sized people shooting off their big, over-sized mouths in a big, over-sized adventure! Feeding T.O.A.’s ‘bigness’ however, is a deep pool of subtlety.The characters are relevant, original and complex, and the settings are familiar enough to be engaging without being predictable. T.O.A.’s dialogue is loaded with humor and emotion, while remaining happily free of the campy bulls**t that is the lingua franca of modern Sword and Sorcery. The script paints crystal clear pictures — I wish I were the artist drawing it! Its going to be a fun, epic saga and I can’t wait to see it all come together!”
Steve Firchow (artist/colorist for Top Cow, DC, Marvel)

Please visit the Kickstarter page ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1759540378/944356278?token=fca2e333 ) and make a contribution.
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