Wicked Comics organisers of the Malta Comic Convention and promoters of the comic culture worldwide are proud to announce that episode 1 of Michael Wilson’s web series Knightmage will premiere on July 12th 2012. Each episode will run between 5-12minutes and following the premiere each subsequent episode will go viral in 2-3 weeks intervals.

Knightmage tells the tale of orphan Marcus Jamal Worthington (played by Michael Wilson) who grew up oblivious to his powerful ancestry. Through the tragic death of a loved one Marcus realises how corrupt the world really is and as he starts to loose faith in humanity he discovers he is blessed with special abilities. Creator Michael Wilson described Marcus abilities as “a cross between those of Dr. Strange and a Jedi Knight” an interesting combination indeed! The question is will Marcus use his freshly discovered abilities for the good of a humanity which betrayed him, or will he let his powers feed on the darkness of his ever tortured soul?

Michael Wilson who created Knightmage (wrote, directed, edited, produced and acted) told Wicked Comics that he always had a passion for the comic/superhero genre and that he originally came up with Knightmage in 2006 when he auditioned for a TV reality show called “Who wants to be a Superhero”. Failure to land the part and Michael’s inability to draw meant the character stayed in limbo until it was resurrected last year.

Knightmage as a web series stemmed form Michael’s friendship with cosplayers, some of whom were making fan-films of their favourite characters. At that time Michael was also cast as a Gotham City Police Officer while also formed part of a stunt action crew in the Dark Knight Rises and was also cast in The Avengers. His minor roles in two of the biggest movies ever made, proved to be invaluable for Michael whose interaction with actors, directors and producers, gave him some insight on the inner workings of film production. Hence Knightmage the web series was born.

Wilson wrote a new script, cast some of his friends and on virtually zero budget produced Knightmage. His first three teasers for the web series immediately went viral and Knightmage was also featured in the promo video for the Monroeville Zombie Crawl.

So what does Michael think of Knightmage? “I don’t think this is the start of anything nor do I claim that this is good, all I can say is that this is something really fun to do“. So in a nutshell Knightmage is one person sharing his passion and creativity with the rest of the world and hoping they like it. Something which Wicked Comics supports wholeheartedly.

Knightmage premieres on July 12th 2012 on YouTube.com, Dailymotion.com and Vimeo.com. Kinghtmage along with the three teaser trailers can also be found on Knightmage’s Facebook page:


If you like what you see make sure to show your support to this project by donating to the Kinghtmage Kickstarter fund:


Help Knightmage reach the $1,600 it needs and loads of exciting perks will be yours!

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