After his home is being laid to waste by evil forces, a hero is going on a journey to find a mystic castle. Which according to an old legend is holding the key to save his world from total destruction.
On his perilous journey, the hero is making new friends who join him in battle against dreadful creatures and monsters. When the fellowship reaches the castle, destiny reveals itself, and nothing is what it seems.
Release date: March 1st 2017
A5, full color, 36 pages
Price: 6,5 $ (print) | 2 $ (digital)
Available on
script: Luke Toywalker |
art: Łukasz Kowalczuk |
(real) Knock Off Wars
The economic success of the classic Masters of the Universe toyline in 1982 led to generations of similar looking, but cheaper knock-off and bootleg action figures. They were mainly produced in Hong Kong or China. Today they are simply refered to as MotU-KO’s by action figure collectors.
The most prominent example of MotU-KO’s is Galaxy Warriors, made by Sungold in 1983. Galaxy Warriors figures were copied by other companies many times. Figures and concepts were often altered, body parts were recycled or repainted, figure molds were handed down from one toy factory to another. Recycling was the quintessence of the MotU-KO industry.
When Mattel stopped the production for their Masters of the Universe figures in 1987 an economic niche was created. In the following years companies like Euro-Play and Simba Toys merged the muscular aesthetics of the 80s with newer, popular toy designs of the 90s, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Extreme Dinosaurs, and Troll Dolls. The result were obscure MotU-KO hybrids such as Turly Gang (ca. 1991), Troll Fighter (ca. 1992), and Dino Fighter (ca. 1999!).
Today, MotU-KO’s are a growing niche market among adult action figure collectors. A small scene of artists has evolved, (re-)creating limited resin „art toys” figures, and recently also comics in the vein of the vintage predecessors.


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