Eric Adams had cold sweats again last night. The chilly dampness woke him and he instinctively checked his phone for new backer alerts. This has been happening nightly since he launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of his graphic novel, LACKLUSTER WORLD.

To Eric’s delight, there had been one new backer since he last checked 90 minutes ago! They had selected the HARDCOVER BOOK + SHIRT reward level for $55. The graphic novel is 380 pages and it’s beautiful. Plus, it’s well-written. It’s clear why this backer was interested. The tee shirt options are funny too. It was nice of that backer to go for something extra.

Time to celebrate!” he attempted to think.

He shuffled into the kitchen and lizard-brained into a pack of saltine crackers. Wearing only his underpants, he was cold, so he folded himself into little ball in the corner of floor. He shivered, rocked back and forth and mumbled incoherent things while shoveling in the crackers and dryly mashing on them.

LACKLUSTER WORLD is a dark satire about an albino man using vandalism and journalism to manipulate his world all while trying to evade his fanatically religious siblings. Tonally, it’s FIGHT CLUB meets OFFICE SPACE in PLEASANTVILLE. Eric liked this pitch. Not only was it confirmed to be accurate by readers, but it had hooks, man. He really wanted to check for new backers again, but left his phone on his nightstand.

Back in the bedroom, he tried to lie down, but recoiled from the moistness. Ugh, the sweat. He knew what to do. He grabbed a bath towel. His girlfriend slept like she was dead. That, or she really was dead. He didn’t check.

Lying on top of the protective towel, he checked the Kickstarter again and WOW, two new backers! What was going on?! He moved to the couch with his laptop, where one of his cats slept. It woke and judged Eric harshly for being too aggressive with his social media promotion earlier this evening. Eric felt the guilt and feared he had ostracized friends and family by posting the link to the Kickstarter too often.

The two new backers both chose the DIGITAL BOOK reward for $15. It made sense that some people would choose the digital book instead of the hardcover version. LACKLUSTER WORLD was, after all, a great creator-owned graphic novel regardless of the format. There’s this scene with Jesus and a talking bear that everyone loves! So funny.

Anyway, three backers in such a short period of time all in the middle of night? Somebody must have said something and it must have been on the Internet. He searched Facebook and Twitter and Google. Nothing. Coincidence is possible, right?

He stared off as this thought transformed into other thoughts about his promotional strategy for the next few days. Maybe he should even post something right now? Obviously, there are people out there supporting Kickstarter campaigns in the middle of the night, so why not?! He checked for more backers. His cat told him to stop, but he knew that was wrong. He needed to know if there more, didn’t he? He searched the Internet again for new mentions. Refreshed the Kickstarter page. Retrieved more crackers. Refreshed. Pet the cat. Made graphics in Photoshop. Crackers. Cat. Refresh. Look at other Kickstarter campaigns. Pace. Talk to cat. Lie down. Stand up walk around refresh crackers kickstarterrefresh reFresH refresh refsresh RefHsfh RehSFH HsHSFHREfrwsh HH::”#:$WETK o;jJ O OJNKLL.SND.dsjfg sdhblsdk

The next morning, his girlfriend woke him up. She wasn’t dead. “Any new activity overnight?” she asked.

Yes, but let me check again,” he replied.

Eric Adams‘ Kickstarter campaign for the 380-page hardcover “Director’s Cut” edition of his graphic novel, LACKLUSTER WORLD, runs through April 17.

At the time of this press release it is 82% funded with 9 days to go. Eric is very confident the campaign will be successfully funded and that he will be able to print the book he has spent 10 years making, but it doesn’t stop him from thinking what if OH GOD WHAT IF IT DOESN’T. And even if it’s funded, will it reach a stretch goal? Is it a bad sign if it doesn’t reach a stretch goal?

You can find the Kickstarter campaign at:

Eric Adams is the co-founder or Narrier, a publishing and distribution company focusing on post-genre entertainment. He’s the creator of the award-winning, creator-owned graphic novel, LACKLUSTER WORLD and other comics including PECKING ORDER, RUMSPRINGA and GOODBYE WEATHER. For more information, please visit

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