Less than Stellar is a newly debuted actual-play RPG podcast set in the Mass Effect Universe. Starring Mal, Myrina, Cage and Ellis, 4 mercenaries who are way in over their heads after being hastily recruited by a shady merc company and deployed on a surprisingly dangerous starter mission. Because proper training and preparation is overrated… right? Join Fleur, Chelsea, Becky, Suus and Dan the GM as they portray the galaxy’s best worst merc team on outrageous misadventures. Together they are #LessThanStellar!

The show is released on a bi-weekly schedule and features both full episodes and specials. The system we’re using is a homebrew adaptation of Green Ronin’s Dragon Age system, completely adapted from medieval fantasy into a thrilling sci-fi system, from swords to guns, from magic to… space magic!

You can give the available episodes a listen on podbay, spotify and itunes! And you can follow their updates on instagram, twitter and facebook. Enjoy the show!

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