Looking back on 2018; looking ahead to Red Panda & Moon Bear and A Shining Beacon!

Two Latinx kids battle supernatural threats to their working-class neighborhood with the power of science, magic, and some very special hoodies.

Red Panda and Moon Bear are the defenders of their community! Together, these brave siblings rescue lost cats, scold bullies, and solve mysteries, all before Mamá and Papá get home. But lately… the mysteries have been EXTRA mysterious. All of RP and MB’s powers may not be enough to handle spooks, supervillains, alien invaders, and time warps! It’ll take all their imagination — and some new friends — to uncover the secret cause behind all these events before the whole world goes crazy.

In his first book for young readers, Cuban-American cartoonist Jarod Roselló presents a whimsical and tender-hearted adventure, packed with Saturday-morning action and glowing with Caribbean sunshine.

Red Panda and Moon Bear by Jarod Roselló
ISBN 978-1-60309-444-3 • Diamond: DEC180805
$14.99 (US) • Full-color interiors • For young readers (8-12) and up
a 184-page softcover graphic novel with flaps • 6″ x 9″

Coming in March 2019
Check out an interior preview.
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April 2019: James Albon’s lush, political A SHINING BEACON!

Pictures at a revolution: acclaimed graphic novelist James Albon (Her Bark and Her Bite) explores the role of the artist in a frighteningly familiar near-future of tyrannical regimes and popular revolts.

Francesca Saxon, artist and loyal citizen of the nation, is thrilled when she receives a commission to design the central mural of an epic new swimming pool: the jewel in the crown for an insecure regime obsessed by propaganda. Leaving the comfort of her coastal hometown for the lap of luxury of the capital, she is swept up in the paranoia of a government threatened by underground revolutionaries, whose promise of a freer, happier future looks increasingly appealing. Torn between rival factions and her personal loyalties, she realizes that when ideology has a stranglehold on art, the picture is rarely pretty.

Praise for James Albon:

“Like a New Yorker cover spun out to a full­-length story… Albon uses loose and energetic colored pencil, in a palette heavy in yellows and blues, to capture the social and emotional whirl of this airy tale.” — Publishers Weekly

“James Albon’s delicate and utterly unique artwork is so alive on the page, you can’t help but be charmed and completely swept up.” — Jeff Lemire, author of Essex County and The Underwater Welder

“Lines and shade flow through the panels, bringing the story to life as if it were caught in a breeze… an extraordinary book.” — Grovel

“The images lift off the page, practically dancing in your line of sight. Many of the page spreads are breathtaking, and the whole book exudes a confident slinkiness.” — Sequential State

A Shining Beacon by James Albon
ISBN 978-1-60309-445-0 • Diamond: DEC180806
$19.99 (US) • full-color interiors • For mature readers (16+)
a 224-page softcover graphic novel with flaps • 7.5″ x 9.75″

Coming in April 2019
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LEAGUE: TEMPEST Nears Its Extraordinary Conclusion!

The fourth & final League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series is pulling together all the pieces for a jaw-dropping finale. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

“After many years spent synthesizing a coherent fictional universe involving some of the most famous characters in the history of pop culture, legendary writer Alan Moore and artist Kevin O’Neill still have some last things to say — and they couldn’t feel more suited to our tense and tempestuous times… some of the best cultural satire currently available. Moore and O’Neill have said this series will be their last comic. If the first two issues are any indication, it will be a farewell for the ages.”Entertainment Weekly (Best of 2018)

“Moore & O’Neill are, after two decades, finally wrapping up their mash-up of what feels like all fictional characters ever, and the series is just great.” Vulture (Best of the Month)


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol IV): The Tempest #5 (of 6)
by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill

$4.99 (US) • Diamond: DEC180807 • For mature readers (16+)
32 pages • (mostly) full color • comic book • 6 5/8” x 10 1/8”

Coming March 2019
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Carolyn Nowak’s GIRL TOWN is a Best Book of the Year!

Critics can’t get enough of Carolyn Nowak‘s breakthrough solo collection, Girl Town. Here’s just a sampling:

“Nowak tosses off more wildly imaginative ideas per page than some creators have over their entire careers.” Library Journal (starred review)

“These stories… illuminate something profoundly familiar and deeply resonant about women’s interactions, relationships, and ways of being in the world… Though her playful art, bright colors, and sly humor might make this seem light and breezy, there are poignant, surprising undercurrents here, and they are simply captivating.” Booklist (starred review)

“Spellbinding… Nowak plunges into the world of feminine friendships in earnest. The girls in this book are flawed, unique, and complex… Girl Town is a cerebral, spirited work of art.” Foreword Reviews (starred review)

“Magical in the tradition of Allende, Borges, and Okazaki… You don’t finish the stories collected here so much as emerge from them: wistful, yearning, and as from all the best dreams, changed.” — The Verge (Best of 2018)

“Messy in the best, most invigorating way… Girl Town, like its protagonists, is caught in a swell of uncertain feelings, and will stick with you long after you’ve finished the short stories within.” — Paste (Best of 2018)

“Exquisitely illustrated… captures the intensity and the absurdities of female relationships.” Publishers Weekly (Best of 2018 Critics Poll)

“Each story is quirky and thoughtful… deeply Millennial in every way possible.” Tor.com (Best of 2018)

“Poignant and funny.” — Barnes & Noble (Best of the Month)

Why wait any longer? Visit Girl Town today!


Nate Powell’s COME AGAIN is a Best Book of the Year!

Critics were also thrilled by Nate Powell‘s return to solo cartooning after the blockbuster March trilogy, Come Again:

“Rich with mystery, magic, and a depth of understanding about human relationships—and the color and line work is just gorgeous.” Publishers Weekly Critics Poll (Best of 2018)

“Earnest and unpredictable… Powell’s expansive compositions evoke the sheer joy of summer days and nights, but all is not as idyllic as it seems.” NPR (Best of 2018)

“Even the word balloons can give you chills in Come Again. In fact, they do so with startling regularity, looping and crashing across negative space, bearing letters that slip in and out of consciousness as the story unfurls. Nate Powell… presents his first solo masterwork.” Vulture (Best of the Month)

“Powell succeeds in elevating the elements of a folk tale (and a tale about folks) into a haunting piece of literature. In Come Again he displays a cinematographer’s deft touch in framing, and leverages color to move us through time and other, more subtle changes… It’s moving, it’s startling, and it’s very much of its time and place.” Arkansas Times

“Powell’s work is never less than visually ravishing.” Paste


Pick up Come Again and plumb the haunted depths of love, guilt, myth, and community.


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