English born creator Luke Cooper’s first foray in comics came through Portent Comics. In 2005 Cooper contacted Portent Comics for a college project and was offered the role of illustrator on James Redington’s Rob and Ducky (the cartoon adventures of a ginger haired man and his duck). With one foot in the door Cooper successfully pitched his own idea of Halo Slipping. Published by the sourly missed Portent Comics, Halo Slipping focuses on the adventures of a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed, gun-totting rebellious angel. This was followed by a variety of work published in the Murky Depths magazine which included the serial a Glimpse of Hell (later republished as a hardback collection) which was a spin-off of sorts from Halo Slipping.

Cooper is currently working on various projects including an online serial called Deadlines and some interesting books with writer Jim Alexander (Gabriel). He is also working on his next solo project Hollow Girl. In a nutshell Hollow Girl is a supernatural revenge story in which a masked girl avenges the dead, guided to her victims by their own spirits. Hollow Girl, originally appeared as a short strip intended for an anthology title by Blackline Comics, but the publisher was so impressed with the story that they asked Cooper to start working on a graphic novel. Using some of the images created for the short strip Cooper created a short teaser to start spreading the word.

Cooper does not subscribe to one style of drawing, but is versatile enough to adapt his style to tailor the needs of a particular project. This is evidenced in his two distinct galleries on his website which reflect his cartoon style as well as his darker and more realistic approach. The latter is perhaps the style for which Cooper is most renowned, and so it comes as no surprise that Hollow Girl will be dark and sinister. Judging by the artwork incorporated in the excellently laid out teaser, one can see why Blackline Comics took an immediate interest in Hollow Girl which is scheduled for a Halloween 2013 release. The atmospheric soundtrack laid down in the teaser perfectly accompanies the dark ambience that resonates in Cooper’s sharp, dynamic and often iconic artwork.

After watching the teaser, Wicked Comics will definitely be keeping an eye out for Hollow Girl and we suggest you do the same!

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