Wicked Comics (organisers of the Malta Comic Con and promoters of comic culture) would like to send their best wishes to Maltese comic Creator Guzi Gatt who celebrates his birthday today. Guzi is one of the most active comic creators in Malta and is one of the brains behind the successful local publishing house Komiks tas-Sikkina. Komiks tas-Sikkina are perhaps most renowned for their production of the two longest running comic series in Malta titled “Il-Gawgaw u l-Imlejka” and “Kranium” both of which are written in our native tongue. Komiks tas-Sikkina are also known for their one-shot “Muna fil-Palazz ta” Bedud” and during the Malta Comic Con 2011 they released a new series called “Piju s-Surgent”. For more information kindly visit their website: http://komikstassikkina.page.tl

Happy birthday Guzi hope you have a wicked day and keep up the good work!

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