The Malta Comic Con 2012, will surely be one to be remembered thanks to the impressive guest line up that the team of Wicked Comics has managed to assemble. With Mike Carey, Dez Skinn and Chris J Thompson; joining the ranks we have the artist behind the award winning Watchmen graphic novel: Dave Gibbons, as well as Herb Trimpe renowned artist for his 8 year run on the Incredible Hulk.

These will be at the Malta Comic Con 2012 on the 8th and 9th December at St. James Cavalier, where one can come and meet two of the legends of the comic world.

Dave Gibbons has worked in comics since 1973. Cutting his teeth on undergrounds and fanzines, he became a frequent contributor to Britain’s 2000AD, illustrating HARLEM HEROES, DAN DARE and co-creating ROGUE TROOPER. Since then, he has drawn and written for most comics publishers on both sides of the Atlantic. His work has encompassed DR WHO, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, PREDATOR, ALIENS, the Hugo Award-winning WATCHMEN with writer Alan Moore, GIVE ME LIBERTY and MARTHA WASHINGTON GOES TO WAR with Frank Miller. His semi-autobiographical THE ORIGINALS won an Eisner Award in 2005. He is currently working on THE SECRET SERVICE, written by Mark Millar and is both writing and drawing TREATMENT for publication on the Madefire platform.

‘Dave Gibbons really needs no introduction. His prolific career has included stints with some of the hottest writers of the last four decades, including Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Len Wein, Stan Lee and Mark Millar. Dave’s storytelling is unparalleled, which is why he’s considered such a great writer himself. It’s no wonder Mark Millar was excited to get him on board Secret Service or that Madefire snapped him up to contribute to their new comics app – he’s just that good.’ Chris Thompson – Comics journalist and podcaster for The Orbiting Pod and Pop Culture Hound.

Herb Trimpe is best known for his eight year run on the Incredible Hulk for Marvel Comics, and his introduction in Hulk numbers 180 and 181, to the popular character, Wolverine. In addition, Trimpe is known for his contributions to several titles featuring licensed characters, including Transformers, Godzilla, and G.I. Joe, as well as the G.I. Joe spin-off, Special Missions. All these characters have been featured in major motion pictures. Among less prominent titles drawn by Trimpe are the Defenders, War is Hell, Guardians of the Galaxy, Indiana Jones, and the Fantastic Four Unlimited, a quarterly publication that became Trimpe’s final effort at Marvel. Recently, Trimpe has done G.I. Joe covers for IDW publishing, and continues to do extensive commission work both at home, and, as a guest at comic book conventions.

‘Herb Trimpe is one of the elder statesmen of comics with a career spanning several decades and eras. While some fans remember him for his prolific run on The Incredible Hulk starting in the late 1960s (which included the first appearance of Wolverine in 1974), others will think fondly of his massive run on G.I. Joe Special Missions in the 1980s. Although mostly known for his Marvel Comics work, Trimpe’s appeal has continued to see him taking on new work, including a brief stint on Mike Mignola’s wildly successful BPRD series for Dark Horse. Regardless of which era you prefer, there is no denying Trimpe’s enduring legacy which has left an indelible mark on this industry we love so much.’ Chris Thompson – Comics journalist and podcaster for The Orbiting Pod and Pop Culture Hound.

This outstanding guest line up wouldn’t have been possible if not thanks to the support of various agencies and embassies who help Wicked Comics to bring these esteemed artists to our shore. The British Council have been supporting the Malta Comic Con event since its first edition in 2009 and have been involved in the promoting the comics industry in other activities through out the year. The Malta Comic Con is also being organized this year in collaboration with the Embassy of Ireland and the Embassy of France.Other regular supporters include: St James Cavalier, Santana Hotel, Department of Information, Heritage Malta and the Malta Tourism Authority.

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