MIBDUL is a coming-of-age story set on an alien planet which may be closer to home than you’d think. Any home in which avaricious politicians ride roughshod over the environment for profit with the help of their equally greedy friends from the business classes, that is.
Written by Teodor Reljic and illustrated by Inez Kristina, the comic will be unleashed onto the world from the tiny, tiny — tiny — Mediterranean island of Malta at the end of the 2017, with the ever-gracious Merlin overseeing publication duties. It should be a comic that will appeal to fans of Star Wars, HP Lovecraft and the work of Guillermo del Toro — in all its variety — as well those concerned about the effects of the anthropocene (no, really!) and the very human tendency to let our financial ambitions run amok. But to put it more plainly, it’s a story about how we manage or mismanage monsters (with apologies to Marina Warner), and how our true mettle is tested when they do appear.
However, since Malta is tiny and we’re a tiny team too, MIBDUL’s publishing budget is also really tiny.
“We — that’s Teodor, Inez and even our publisher Chris Gruppetta over at Merlin — wanted the possibility to connect with our audience over a sustained period of time, and therefore we decided to open up a Patreon account.
Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where you can directly support a project as it is going on, while gaining access to exclusive behind-the-scenes sketches, podcasts, pizza and more. You are able to give feedback as our comic evolves, and therefore you’ll be a direct part of our process. And since our Patreon page is all about the process, and since it will be unfolding over a relatively long period of time, this gives you a chance to play a direct part in making MIBDUL the coolest it can possibly be. The tiers are set up per month, but if you only want to support us once you can as well since you can cancel any time.
There’s much more information on our Patreon page so you should definitely head over there and give it a look.
We hope you’ll consider giving us your support, and joining us on this exciting journey.”

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