Mike Wolfer‘s latest Kickstarter campaign is off to a rousing start, having reached its $5000 goal within twelve hours of its March 9th launch. “Widow Archives” isn’t your typical Kickstarter, however. The campaign offers backers not just one, but four trade paperback collections of the cult horror, comic series, written and illustrated by Wolfer, who also recently released “The Curse Of Ragdoll” through the popular crowdfunding site.

Widow” is the tale of Emma, a genetic mutation who possesses the genetic make-up of both humans and arachnids, and those who fall under her spell unfortunately soon learn that she has the horrifying and instinctual drives and desires of a spider. Originally published by Wolfer’s Ground Zero Comics from 1992-1997, the erotic/horror “Widow” saga spanned four mini-series, “Flesh and Blood,” “Kill Me Again,” “Metal Gypsies,” and “Bound By Blood,” all of which are being remastered and reprinted in respective volumes of the “Widow Archives” series, currently exclusive to Kickstarter.

Although Widow has made sporadic, guest-starring appearances in various Avatar Press titles over the years, including the 2012 “War Goddess” series from Boundless Comics, long-time fans continually request collected volumes of her early adventures. “Every convention I attend, someone brings me those old, original Ground Zero issues to be autographed,” Wolfer explains, “and they always ask the same question: ‘When is Widow coming back?’ And even though I tell them that she’s still making appearances here and there, they want the old stuff. I guess when I was an indy publisher, there was more of an ‘outlaw’ feel to the stories.”

Running until April 8, 2015, the “Widow Archives” Kickstarter
(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/149983649/widow-archives-from-mike-wolfer-entertainment) has many, mix-and-match, pledge tiers so that backers can pick and choose which volumes they would like, and all volumes will be signed and numbered by Wolfer, with those quantities strictly limited to the number of backers who request them. There are also nude cover variants of each volume available, as well as Widow t-shirts and action figures, and commission levels for collectors of original art. In addition, a fifth volume has been added to the mix, the 40-page comic book, “Fangs of the Widow Annual.” The “Annual” serves as an epilogue to the entire story, while setting the stage for future tales, and is also available in a nude variant cover edition.

More information, artwork, and news can be found at www.facebook.com/thecurseofragdoll, and graphic novels, art prints, t-shirts, and more are available at www.ragdollonline.com.

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