The sun is shining, the buds are blooming, and spring is here at last – but we’re already leaping into summer! The new Diamond Previews catalog features two incredible debuts from Top Shelf, coming to your shelves in July – plus Jeffrey Brown reprints and more!

[size=120]Chris Sheridan’s THE MOTORCYCLE SAMURAI[/size]

After roaring success as a Top Shelf digital exclusive, Chris Sheridan is taking his over-the-top Mad-Max-meets-Kill-Bill thrillride to your bookshelf, with the print debut of The Motorcycle Samurai! This 176-page full-color graphic novel will hit stores in July.

Motorcycle Samurai is exactly what I want from digital comics. Hell, it’s what I want from comics in general. It’s a great story that uses the medium in unique ways. More, please!” – Mark Waid

[size=120]Julian Hanshaw’s TIM GINGER[/size]

It’s wonderful and inspiring to see a generation of authors with no preconceptions about what comics should be, and what sort of stories they should tell, flourish in this new golden age. Tim Ginger is an understated, wryly observed, and welcome addition to this gathering of new voices.” – Dave McKean

We’re delighted to introduce you to Julian Hanshaw, a thoughtful and witty cartoonist with a painter’s eye and a poet’s heart. His new graphic novel Tim Ginger, a character study of a widowed ex-test pilot, is full of rich desert colors, childless couples, haunting dreams, and exhausting conspiracy theorists. For fans of Jeff Lemire, Alex Robinson, or Eddie Campbell, don’t miss Tim Ginger – click here for an interior glimpse, and pre-order today!

[size=120]World War 3 Illustrated and Jeffrey Brown![/size]

ALSO: the 144-page new volume of World War 3 Illustrated, on the theme of Youth, Activism, and Climate Change, featuring work by the next generation of activists in collaboration with WW3’s acclaimed lineup.

AND: Essential works from the Jeffrey Brown library, coming back in stock with new printings! From his hugely influential debut Clumsy to the powerfully intimate AEIOU to the uproarious superhero parody Bighead, no Jeffrey fan can go without these classics.

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