Everyone knows what MTV stands for, but the international music channel has developed over the years and so avid music followers have ditched it because MTV has transformed so much that Music, is quite a small portion of the franchise. This article however, is not about MTV per se, but rather their relatively new section called MTV Geek. MTV Geek was launched in 2010 and it now groups together news and reviews related to anything termed “geeky”. The website is a portal to various links, articles, blogs, videos and even online comic book reading. The MTV name helped this section to grow fast and to give access to its employees to visit and give full live coverage of various events such as Wondercon, Toy Fair and the New York Comic Con. Film trailers, TV series, Comics, Interviews, competitions and even Anime news can be found on the website.

I stumbled upon MTV Geek thanks to a Facebook ad promoting their latest activity – The Battle Arean Otaku Fight Fight competition. In short people vote for their favourite iconic characters be it from video games or anime or just Japan icons and after a series of polls the ultimate winner will be announced. A typical showdown is: Sailor Moon vs Hatsune Miku, Ken Shiro vs Ed Alric or Sephirot vs Goku. Haven”t we ever wondered who would win in such face offs?

Another important aspect of MTV Geek which I found quite fascinating is its facility to provide weekly previews of comics and sometimes full issues. This can be done thanks to MTV Geeks agreements and collaborations with various publishing houses such as Marvel, Image, DC etc… MTV have also launched their own comic publishing company entitled – MTV Comics of which mostly their productions are digital only. The istore app ComiXology has recently acquired rights to make available MTV Comics for sale from their online store. Some of the titles available from MTV Comics are: Divination, Agent Mom, Teen Wolf, The Gloom, Hats, Me2 and Fox Head Stew.

So whether you are an MTV lover or hater, if you”re a geek at heart, spare some time a week to check out MTV Geek as I believe it is going to continue to grow to be one of the most viewed and reliable comics websites on the net.

Website : http://www.mtv.com/geek/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MTVGeek

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