SelfMadeHero is pleased to announce the publication of THE SMELL OF STARVING BOYS by Loo Hui Phang and Frederik Peeters
Texas 1872. The Civil War is over and geologist Stingley sets out with photographer Forrest and young assistant Milton to explore unchartered territories. Entering the hostile region of the native Comanches, they’re faced with constant threat of attack but with social conventions disappearing, more intimate relationships develop between Forrest and Milton. Laos-born writer Loo Hui Phang pens an intense Western where old and new worlds collide, illustrated by award-winning Frederick Peeters (Blue Pills PachydermeAoma)
The Smell of Starving Boys is is published by SelfMadeHero on 16 November in deluxe hardback edition (112pp, colour, rrp £24.99).


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