Back in 2015 we started our run on the Assassin’s Creed comics. We introduced a new character, Charlotte de la Cruz, a modern-day millennial looking to make her mark. Well, after trips to the Salem Witch Trials, the final days of the Inca Empire, and now Renaissance Italy, we are saying goodbye to her.
ASSASSIN’S CREED VOLUME 3: HOMECOMING is now out at stores and digitally worldwide. The book, which collects our final jam-packed four issues, finds Charlotte delving back to Florence in 1515 and teaming with fan favoriteEzio Auditore in order to help her grandmother in today’s world. It’s our most intricately-plotted arc that explores the nature of memories ’and family and it was with a tear in our eye that we closed this chapter in our comics life.
For info on how to find a copy, click here.
’Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie is exactly the kind of modernized interpretation of these characters that I didn’t know I wanted.’ ’ The Fandom Post
’This is an enormously pleasant surprise. BUY.’ ’ ComicBookResources
Anthony’s new series, NANCY DREW & THE HARDY BOYS: THE BIG LIE was released in March, and this hardboiled noir take on the classic characters has been generating amazing reviews across the board!
Frank and Joe Hardy are accused of murdering their father, a disgraced police detective, and in order to clear their names they must turn to a femme fatale-esque Nancy Drew. Together they dive into the seedy underbelly of their tourist-y town and have thus far gotten involved in a local gambling circuit and risked their lives.
Issue #3 of the series debuts worldwide on Wednesday, May 17th, and it finds the three continuing their quest for the real murderer ’ in the most unlikeliest of places!
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’Sweeping and truly Shakespearean.’ ’ ComicBookResources
’A unique story with compelling female characters.’ ’ She-fi
The Kill Shakespeare world expands again as PAST IS PROLOGUE: JULIET has hit stores.
The first two issues of the critically acclaimed arc are out ’ revealing one of Kill Shakespeare’s biggest secrets: How did Juliet transform from a young girl grieving the loss of Romeo into the woman who would one day lead an army?
The answer of course, is with blood. JULIET picks up six months after the end of the play when another person Juliet loves dies. Only this time it’s murder, and if our heroine can’t figure out who’s behind it she’s going to be the next victim.
Issue #3 hits stores on June 21st, but the first two issues are available NOW!


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