With the main Red Sonja series, written by Gail Simone, continuing to be one of Dynamite‘s best-selling titles, Dynamite is now presenting Red Sonja : Sanctuary! a special one-shot written by Marc Mason, drawn by Noah Solanga, with a cover by Sergio Fernandez Davila (Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure)! This oversized issue will be available in June from Dynamite Entertainment in comic stores and digital.

In Red Sonja: Sanctuary, Raven returns! In a distant, hidden forest, Sonja finds Scathach’s other chosen warrior has turned over a new leaf and renounced violence. Can Sonja do the same? Offered a chance to have friends, family, and a life without the sword, Sonja begins to see the course of her life change. But when a group of mercenaries determined to bring Raven to justice enter the mix, Sonja discovers that perhaps the only course her life can ever take is one of violence and tragedy!

“If all you knew was death, what would happen if you were offered a new life,” says writer Marc Mason“When Raven, Scathach’s other favored warrior, returns, Sonja finds herself with an option she could have never anticipated: the chance to lay down her sword and embark on a new path. But such choices are not without cost, because even if Sonja can change, the world remains a brutal place and violence is never far away.

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