New York-based Comic Studio Enlists Kickstarter to Help Launch Flagship Series

A great story isn’t born…it’s nurtured– sometimes simmering in one’s mind for years, just waiting for the right moment when it can be shared with the world. Such is the case with Sara Rising, slated to be the flagship series for New York-based comic studio, NovaStar Studios. Sara Rising will be released at Comic-Con New York in October. The studio announced today the launch of a fundraising effort to bring the series to life using social media platform, Kickstarter.

Sarah Rising is the story of a teenage girl named Sara Vargas, an alien bounty hunter, an adaptive bio-weapon, and the alien gangsters who badly want it back-perfect elements for a comic series. “The story of Sara Vargas is one of many we have in the pipeline,” said Emilio Rodriguez. “We intend for the book to be an ongoing series. There is a definite end to the story but we aren’t sure how many issues it will take to get there…it’s hard work but we think it’s well worth it, as our goal is for people to want to come in and experience, enjoy and share in this world we’ve created”.

With a goal of $10,000, NovaStar’s Emilio and James Rodriguez (no relation) have enlisted the help of Kickstarter for the comic’s birth. The money raised will go toward covering printing and production costs of the first and second issues, the costs of attending Comic-Con New York, and marketing costs.

To view the details of the campaign, or to donate, visit

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