“A promising new comic that explores the tragic reality of sin while speculating on the horrors of immortality. A book to keep your eyes on.”

Vince Hernandez, Vice President and Editor-In-Chief, Aspen Comics

Solitary is the story of Tim Hill, a man convicted to death row for crimes he didn’t commit. He is executed, and upon being executed, he awakens to find that he is immortal and death row is really going to suck. The series will focus on life in prison and what it means to face death row, immortality, and the idea that you don’t belong behind bars. Everyone hates him there. Most want him dead. And he just wants his freedom.

This book, Solitary , is from creator CW Cooke and he calls it his baby. It’s the one comic he has been working on for his entire life in one way or another. It started as a comic he wrote and drew as a kid and blossomed into this entire world that he needs your help to bring to life.

He’s put a lot of his own money into making Solitary and has received an agreement from comic publisher Devil’s Due Entertainment to publish the series, but first the creative team needs help to deliver on getting the series finished.

By pledging you’re helping see the series through to issue four and beyond. The rewards are focused around issue one, to keep this campaign simple, but updates will be made to you whenever new issues are available as well, and try to come up with some extra perks down the line to remember the backers who helped make this book’s launch possible.

This marks the last FULL week of funding Solitary and will bring the Kickstarter campaign to its conclusion on August 25th. Additional retailer exclusive rewards have been made available including bundling of copies of the book and the Kickstarter Exclusive cover as well as numerous other rewards and pledge levels that will help fans obtain all variants of the comic OR make their way into the book.


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