Wicked Comics are proud to announce that the Super Saver Malta Comic Con 2016 (Bonus Round) Tickets have sold out! People can still save money and benefit from the Last Chance Saver offer as Phase 3 Malta Comic Con tickets are now on sale. Tickets can be obtained from the Malta Comic Con website: http://www.maltacomic-con.com/tickets or from comics and collectibles retailers Pandora’s Box Collectibles (Tarxien) and Toy Town (Birkirkara).
Wicked Comics are also proud to announce that creators Valia Kapadai, Pavlos Pavlidis, Dionysia Dedousi, Dinos Kapsalas, Giusy Nicosia and Diego Fichera will be joining Tom Foster, David Hitchcock, Collette Turner, Roger Langridge, Sean Azzopardi, John Fleming, Cliodhna, Andreas Michaelides, Tim Perkins, PJ Holden, Aris Labos, Guillermo Ortego, Mr. Massy81, Samantha Scuri, Raul Allen, Patricia Martin, John Royle, Chiara Cordello, Chris Thompson, Dan Watters, Enrica Eren Angiolini, Caspar Wijngaard, Giulia “Juiz” Sulsenti, Kyle Hotz, Jenika Ioffreda, Frazer Irving, Kinga Korska and Tiernen Trevallion as guests for the Malta Comic Con which will be held on Saturday 3rd (10am-6pm) and Sunday 4th (11am-7pm) December 2016 at the south end of the Malta Fairs and Convention Centre (MFCC) in Ta’ Qali (next to the Millennium Stand).
valia-kapadaiValia Kapadai:
Valia Kapadai is a full-time dreamer and a comic junkie, currently working as a graphic designer at the University of Athens in the morning, while she shifts into a watercolour thirsty creature by night, drawing comic pages, whenever her ghosts allow it. Since 2008 she has been involved in various anthologies (for IDW, Insomnia, Accent UK, BLC, Dapshow Press, AyeSaw Comics, Markosia, ICCW, Εκδόσεις του Κάμπου and more), while six graphic novels she had illustrated or (water)coloured have been published by A.R.Sobati, Fotorama Publications, Markosia, and ComicdomPress. She also enjoys self-publishing mini comics. She loves spending her little free time with beloved people, reading (comic) books, listening to music and dancing. Usually lost inside her own messy little bubble, she can also be found wandering through the web.
Pavlos Pavlidis:


Pavlos Pavlidis is a comic creator interpreting the world through a black and white perspective. He likes to create scary, disturbing and dystopian images (touching on political and more personal themes ). He loves his pentel brush with a passion and to him it feels like an extension of his hand!
He has self-published seven comics to date (Unstrung!, Fixed!, Such A Waste..!, Full Bloom, Just One Fragment, …and after this WHAT?, Don’t Shoot, I Am Already Dead), He is also the co-creator of Somewhat Damaged (with Valia Kapadai), Lamda(with Lee Grice and Valia Kapadai), Futuria (with the Hippo Theatre Group and Valia Kapadai), Last Flight of the Swordbreaker and Tit Quest of Unknown Cuntath (both with Andreas Michaelides), as well as Iasis (in which both Andreas and Valia were involved).Also he has published a strip comic “Pirou-Πιρού” by Socomic – ION and he collaborated with the ” Something Wicked ” Future-Quake Press Comics.
Dionysia Dedousi:dionysia-dedousi
Dionysia Dedousi is a 26-year old architect that comes from Greece. Since she was little she enjoyed drawing and reading comics she was given from her father, a habit still continuing today. While studying in Thessaloniki she entered a comic team and since then she has been participating in several comic festivals in Greece. She started with entries of short stories in collective anthologies and during the last few years she created two self-published comics, “At Boboli garden” and “Madam Kobile, the return”.
dinos-kapsalasDinos Kapsalas:
Dinos Kapsalas resides in Athens, Greece.  He has a bachelor degree in sketch – comics – cartoons.
The love for 80’s & 90’s cartoon aesthetics and obsession for horror films triggered his interest for the comic medium.
His work consists of illustrations, artwork for bands, animation and comics.
He collaborated with other artists publishing the comic anthology Crew of Awesome (2011)
and Crew of Awesomeland (2012). Other recent work includes the animation of “To Peristrofo” for the Greek band Krotalias and the comic book Arcaded(2016) which is currently in the process of getting its first sequel.
Giusy Nicosia:giusy-nicosia
Giusy Nicosia is a Catanese artist. She began her career as costume’s assistant and set designer, also taking part in some film productions, including “The Tale of Tales” by director Matteo Garrone. Between 2015 and 2016 she collaborated with the software house “Dragonkin” working as a concept artist. In 2016, she co-created “Rouge” with Diego Fichera for Ac press publishing. During this year As press also published “Dreamcatcher” a collection of illustrations and sketches by Giusy. She has also illustrated for Etna Comics, Romics and Cosenza. She is currently studying and working on a number of new projects.
Diego Fichera:diego-fichera
Diego Fichera is a Catanese comic artist, creator of the 4th cover of Etna Comics 2015.
Creator of the comic book “Rouge”, published by Ac press edition. The same publishing house published “Sheepherder” in October 2015, an artbook that contains a lot of colour illustrations.
Collaborator on “Jenus: Exodus” by Magic Press, where he made a 30 page comic in collaboration with Don Alemanno, acclimatized in the same Catania.
In 2016 he created the poster of Sassari Comics 2016 (Cartoon Festival in Sardinia).
Between 2015 and 2016 his work included Romics (winter & spring edition), Lucca Comics, comics for Game Trieste, Torino Comics, Etna Comics Day zero, Comics Venezia, Napoli Comicon, Etna Comics 2016 ,Bari Wondercon, Animé, and Cosenza “the streets landscape “.
As customary Wicked Comics have designed a number of packages for fans wishing to travel to the Malta Comic Con from abroad, which include heavily discounted accommodation rates and local transport from hotel to convention centre. Similarly Wicked Comics have a number of packages tailored for foreign creators who wish to exhibit at the Malta Comic Con including heavily discounted tables. Wicked Comics can be contacted on info@maltacomic-con.com
More information on these packages can be found here:
More details can be found on the Malta Comic Con website:
http://www.maltacomic-con.com and all announcements can be followed on the Malta Comic Con Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Malta-Comic-Con-193667083985578/timeline


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