DARK, STRANGE, and often HUMOROUS, Pinpricks is made up of 101 unique short stories and illustrations. 128 page Hardcover with some the most troubling tales.
From Jason Pell, the creator of Zombie Highway, Suicide 5, and Season’s End, comes his next acclaimed offering.

Recalling the horror-themed books from his youth and with the help of his daughter, Mallory, the author has created something unique and at the same time, disquietingly familiar. A book that will give both the young and the young at heart… a case of incurable heebie-jeebies.

To get backers excited, several of the rewards on Kickstarter will ONLY be available through the campaign and discontinued afterward. With already almost 1/3 funded within 24 hours, the need for dark tales is evident!

If you ever felt a little askew. A bit out-of-step with everyone around you. Then PINPRICKS was written for you.


Hardcover.  Ages 8 and up.
Priced at $15.00
128 Pages

Here are some blurbs of some of Jason’s other work.

“Zombie Highway is a thrill-ride of a book and a refreshing take on the zombie genre!’

“…there is a genuine strength to its message and flawless presentation that marks the work as a miss-it-and-I-will-mess-you-the-hell-up sort of manner.”  *Referencing Suicide 5

“A perfect gift for someone you wish grave weather upon.”
-Robert Burgess

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