Hitting comic stores this June, Konungar is a gorgeously rendered epic fantasy from Titan Comics – in the style of Game of Thrones and The Lord of The Rings – from the writer of Millennium series, Sylvain Runberg, with astounding painted art by Juzhen.

This three-part series, kicking off with a special oversized issue, features two sons in a battle for the throne that’s torn their country apart. But when the mortal enemies of the Vikings – the Centaurs – declare war, the two brothers must put aside their differences for the good of their people.

Covers by Alex Ronald (Assassin’s Creed) and the original French cover by Juzhen.


Konungar: War of Crowns #1 (of 3) 
Writer: Sylvain Runberg 
Artist: Juzhen 
Publisher: Titan Comics
Imprint: Statix Press 
FC, 56pp, $5.99, On sale: June 13, 2018 


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