Prince Pangur Ban the Fluffy: Mother of Fluffins the Collected Series is a true life comic strip about a Girl, her Cat and Pop Culture!

On Dec 31st, 2011 a little furry bundle of joy was brought off a Delta flight and into the lives of Holly Golightly and Jim Balent. They already had his name picked out from an animated film that Holly fell in love with, Pangur Ban! He was the first kitten Holly truly ever raised. But soon they noticed he wasn’t like any other cat that they’ve known. Pangur was clownish, affectionate, personable, and a big chicken- he was a character and Holly felt compelled to draw his antics!

So artist-creator Holly Golightly shared on her webcomic page what life with this wonderful, silly puff of fluff added to their lives. Now, with support of fans, she would love to collect all those comic strips she did from 2011 to 2015 and even create a few NEW ones. This will become a comicbook size, 128 page, full color perfect bound paperback!

This will be an Exclusive project to their Broadsword Comics Studio so only Kickstarter Backers and their Studio Clients will be able to own this Limited Edition.

On top of all that, Holly is excited to say that Ingrid King, Cat guru, award winning writer & Pangur’s Furry Godmother, is writing the foreword for the Pangur Ban book!

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