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Hi guys!

Next week or the week after I will launch a new Kickstarter campaign for European Comics Journal 3.1, because it will be the third issue of 2015 but the first of the quarterly 64 pages issue. To be able to realise this new project we’ve to hit high, 1,000 subscribers is the target. It’s a high target – you can imagine how trembling my knees are – but the feedbacks we have received are positive and there is a gap there out European Comics Journal can fill. The contents are of good quality when you take to account the extremely low budget we have been running on. Be assured that should we reach the set target of 1,000 subscribers, we’ll deliver the hight quality magazine you deserve, both for the contents and the printing.

How can you help further? #ECJmag – Obviously making noise about European Comics Journal and Diego Comics Publishing. By this time you all have a feeling of what Me and the crew are doing. We strongly want continue to bring you, and many others, new titles. We need your help, we will need you to subscribe, and to bring with you few of your comics lovers friends. The subscription tear will start at £10 for the digital edition, and at £22 for the printing one. Great deal indeed. Meanwhile you may invite your friends – as many of them as you can – to like the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/European-Comics-Journal/566345513468456 New exciting pledges will be available for previous and new backers, as usual I have few surprises for the loyal one ;) To make you even more proud to support Diego Comics Publishing.

European Comics Journal topics for the year ahead:

# 01 December 2015: Steampunk

# 02 March 2016: Humour comics

# 03 June 2016: UK (war) comics

# 04 September 2016: European Superheroes Every issue will introduce you to new authors and show you the going ons in the indie scene, both in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic.

Stay turned.


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