SelfMadeHero is delighted to announce the publication of British cartoonist Rachael Ball’s new graphic novel, WOLF

Summer, 1976. After a tragic accident, a young boy called Hugo finds his world turned upside down. His new home comes with new neighbours, among them the mysterious Wolfman. Longing for a return to the past, Hugo draws up plans for a time machine, but only the Wolfman has the parts he needs to complete it. A captivating and poignant tale written and illustrated by award-winning creator behind The Inflatable Woman.

Wolf is published on 18 October (hardback/ RRP £15.99)

“An ethereal, subtle, haunting fable. Rachael Ball has created a time machine, a nostalgic step back to a bygone age that speaks to our present and future with eternal themes of love and loss.”

– Kate Evans author of Red Rosa and Threads from the Refugee Crisis

Hugo’s world is turned upside down after a tragic accident leaves his family bereft. After moving house, he befriends the boy next door, who tells Hugo that he also lives next to a dangerous recluse who eats children: the Wolfman.

Desperate to return to the happier days, Hugo decides to build a time machine. However, only the Wolfman has the components he needs to complete the contraption – and that means he must find the courage to enter his sinister neighbour’s house.

Wolf is a rich and powerful graphic novel from the acclaimed author Rachael Ball, whose pencil work gives the book an extraordinary intimacy and emotional depth. This magical realist tale enters the dark realms of the imagination to explore the nature of grief and its overwhelming impact on childhood.

About the author

Rachael Ball is a cartoonist, a teacher, and the author of the graphic novel The Inflatable Woman. Her illustrations and cartoons have appeared in Deadline, Times Education Supplement, Radio Times and many other publications. She lives in London.

Publication date: 18th October ISBN: 978-1-910593-54-7 304pp, Pencil; RRP £15.99

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