Rage, Bane of Demons is a digital Graphic Novel written by Eric Peyron and painted by Thony Silas. This Graphic Novel is available as an independent App on the iTunes Store, and other digital publishers like Comixology, Kobo, Nook, Ave! Comics and Comicbin.

Thony has worked for both Marvel and DC. Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of The Earth was his first work for Marvel. He is currently one of the pencilers on the Venom Series, and is set to be the new penciler of Batman Beyond and of three issues of Daredevil: Dark Nights. New penciler Alan Quah has decided to join in the process of creating a whole Rage comic book series!


Rage Website is the official website of the Rage Comic Series and all other Rage-related projects. This is the place to go for news about the whole project.

You will also find in the Rage Website the first six pages of the first graphic novel, the first nine pages of the first issue, galleries of illustrations by Alan Quah, Thony Silas and a lot of others.

For more information on the Rage Project, go to: http://www.ragewebsite.com


The first issue of the Rage Series is now a crowfunding project on Ulule, and everyone can have a part in the production of the Series ! Pledge for the first issue and you can win digital issues, a free code for the first Rage App, the Rage 2012 Portfolio, and even Lifetime Subscriptions to the digital series!

To check out the ulule page go to: http://www.ulule.com/rage01/

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