Wicked Comics the organizers of the annual awesome Malta Comic Convention and promoters of the comic culture worldwide are proud to invite you to help make Anime history by supporting the Kickstarter Campaign to launch the pilot episode for RED ORIGINS a new action, adventure, comedy Anime TV Show produced by Kolanut Productions!

Being dubbed as the first African Anime (Africanime) Red Origins is inspired by the rich African culture and promises to capture the audience’s imagination with an influx of styles while dealing with thought provoking yet heart warming themes that everyone can identify with.

This fresh and exciting project is being co-created by Onyi Udeogaranya (Producer) and Obi Udeogranya (Chief Writer) who are first generation Americans of Igbo Nigerian descent. Red Origins focuses on there protagonists; Obilota, Temi and John, who through a magical feathered red chief hat, are mystically transported from Californian to Nigeria. Unfortunately for them, they have visited during a complex conflict between the spiritual and physical worlds. To make matters even worse, the teleporting feathered red hat in their possession is part of twelve Awethu pieces wanted by the infamous African trickster gods and various African governments to gain ultimate power. Now the three kids must work together to gain knowledge about African tradition, culture and juju in order to defeat numerous foes and return back home. Ultimately this means choosing a side. Aiding the spirit world to dominance or furthering economic development in the physical world. The group will have to decide, and must do so wisely. The fate of Africa lies in their hands!

“When I started writing Red Origins I was dealing with some personal issues, which the writing was helping me deal with, but the more work I did on the story the more intrigued I become about Africa and hence the focus shifted on a commentary about identity and what home means. This helped compell me to bring to light the fantastic magic tradition that is prevalent in West Africa.” said writer Obi Udeogranya.

The Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to launch the 40 minutes pilot of Red Origins, is in its last days, so if you want to contribute towards making Anime history visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/691591014/red-origins and share the link with all those who have Anime at heart. As usual backers will be rewarded with a number of cool perks.

Wicked Comics is always happy to support fresh and exciting projects and this one is no different. We suggest you do as well!

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