Following the success of his critically acclaimed werewolf spaghetti-western, Harbor Moon, Indie graphic novel creator, Ryan Colucci, proudly announces the completion of R.E.M., a mind-bending thriller written/created by Colucci and beautifully illustrated by Zsombor Huska.

R.E.M. is a 176 page Hardcover Original Graphic Novel about Michael Letto, a brilliant but paranoid neuroscientist. Since his first and only love died, he’s lived behind a series of locks, consumed with solving the mystery of sleep. Based on the principles of yoga, Michael invents a chair that enables one to attain a full night’s sleep in a matter of minutes. When his theories catch the attention of the military and a religious order that wants to use his research to attain enlightenment, a dangerous cat and mouse begins as Michael’s world deteriorates.

It’s a psychological thriller with elements of science fiction and film noir. The underpinnings were inspired by my own beliefs in (im)mortality, love and faith and personal research into a sleep chamber… while the framing and look of the story was inspired by film noir from the 50’s. All limited Kickstarter copies will be signed and numbered (numbers starting based on pledge date/time). For the past two years we worked from the script stage to the final panels and lettered pages. 176 pages is a lot of ink, but this is how Zsombor takes care of business…

The team behind R.E.M. launched its Kickstarter campaign just 3 weeks ago to bring the striking black and white hardcover to print, and has currently exceeded its stated goal of $7,000.

A trailer from the book can be viewed on the Kickstarter page and features a brilliant score by Grammy nominated DJ, Dirty South.

With a successful campaign on Kickstarter, R.E.M. will make its debut at New York Comic-con 2013 in October.

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