BroadSword Comics wants to share their April 2013 pre-order possibility with a new edition of Holly Golightly’s SCHOOL BITES, collecting the previous volumes 6 and 7, with a continued adventure of Cherry Creeper and her friends, living at the Shadow Academy and discovering all things new, laced with romance, secrets and cupcakes!

Story and Art By Holly G!

Class is back in session! If you love Harry Potter but want a little more bite to it, then this is the title you won’t want to miss!

Join Cherri Creeper and her pals in this trade of vols 6: Private Lessons and 7: Home Ec which continues their adventure into romance,
Vampires, Dark secrets and pink cupcakes.

This Independent Studies collection comes bagged with a bonus postcard sized colour pin up!

FC128pgs + 1 postcard: $19.99

This Project is full of fun and awesome for Lovers of Goth, manga and all things cute. Never Read School Bites?! Here’s a Crash Course!

The story itself centers around the main character, Cherri Creeper, once known by the Mortal name, Charlotte Webb. After being bitten and left for dead by a rouge vampire, Charlotte is lead by a love smitten bat named Bing into an alternate realm where the Shadow Academy resides.

The Shadow Academy is an institution were fledgling Vampires learn to drink responsibly. There, Charlotte is given her her new Vampire name, meets her classmates, teachers and begins her Vampiric education.

Unlike many Adventure or Vampire series or movies, School Bites does not dip into the ‘we must Save or Destroy the world!’ dramatics. It relies on personal experiences of the characters dealing with being different, coping with coming of age, being ageless, friendship and matters of the heart.

These Vampires do no live on blood alone. Because of a special elixir, they can live on sugary goodies for most of the time, giving them the ability to pick and choose their human meals more carefully without bloodlust clouding their decision.

Why do Holly’s Vampires look somewhat different from each other? In School Bites there are many types and hybrids of Vampire. For example, Nostferatu are born Vampires, they are green in appearance and are usually of royal lineage. Where other Vampires have elf-like ears and different shades of lavender skin. This sometimes causes prejudice among Vampire clans which the school continuously strives to extinguish.

School Bites is For a 13 years+ audience but I do know a lotta grown up dudes dig it too!

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