Did You Miss Any of Our 2016 SDCC Exclusives?

Pick up one of our Exclusive Packs offered at the show, featuring our new exclusives from this year’s Comic Con!

Each Exclusive Pack contains:

1 Wonderland #49 – Cover D
1 Hellchild #5 – Cover E
1 Robyn Hood: I Love NY #2 – Cover E
1 Escape From Monster Island #6 – Cover E
1 GFT 2016 Swimsuit Special – Cover D
1 Death Force #2 – Cover E
1 Robyn Hood: I Love NY #1 Blank Sketch Cover
A $150 Value

$130 on our Webstore ONLY!

Each Pack has a ONE in THREE chance at one of these great inserts!
Hellchild #5 – Cover G
San Diego Comic Con Chase Exclusive
Gold Foil
Elias Chatzoudis
Wonderland #49 – Cover F
San Diego Comic Con Cosplay Exclusive (25)
Paul Green | Ula Mos
Death Force #3 – Cover E
San Diego Comic Con Cosplay Exclusive (200)
Eric Basaldua |  Ula Mos
Wonderland #49 – Cover E
San Diego Comic Con 4th of July Exclusive (200)
Michael Dooney | Ula Mos
OR another insert, like original artwork, a metal cover, Archived exclusives, and more!
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