SelfMadeHero is delighted to announce the publication of the new graphic novel biography, THE TRIAL OF ROGER CASEMENT. Full details are provided below. 
Human rights campaigner, Irish nationalist, traitor. Knighted for his humanitarian work after exposing human rights abuses in the Congo and South America, Roger Casement’s commitment to Irish independence saw him imprisoned after the Easter Rising of 1916. He was put on trial – and finally hanged – for treason, but before that he was “exposed” as a homosexual. With the establishment gathering evidence against him, he delivered one of the most celebrated courtroom speeches of all time. 
Written and drawn by Irish artist Fionnuala Doran, The Trial of Roger Casement is is a poignant celebration of an extraordinary life in the centenary year of  the Easter uprising 1916 and Casement’s death.  Published by SelfMadeHero on Sept 1st 2016 (120pp, colour, rrp £12.99)
Fionnuala will be talking about the book at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival on Sunday 28th August . Full details can be found here:
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