Creator Brian John Mitchell; the brains behind Silber Media does a lot of things, one thing he doesn’t do though is conventional. From Silber Media’s focus on creating both music and comics (not a combination you’re likely to see very often), to the match box size of the comics produced, Mitchell’s work always comes with an innovative touch. His new project: Silber Bottle Comics is no different.

Essentially Silber Bottle Comics, are comics in a bottle. A novel twist to an age old concept. According to Mitchell it all started with an “episode of The Twilight Zone, where an alien sends a message in a bottle“. As a kid Mitchell used to send messages in bottles in the ocean and dream of one day being contacted by whoever finds them. Watching The Twilight Zone episode triggered these memories, and since writing comics the size of a pack of matches is one of the things which Mitchell is currently doing the next logical step was to combine the two together.

Mitchell further states “The idea of a sailor catching a bottle of comics in his net in a hundred years fascinates me. Or someone finding them on the beach and leaving it on their mantle as a conversation piece. Or someone breaking a bottle open and reading the stories, finding out comics aren’t just for kids for the first time“. Thus it’s the immortality of the project that drives this venture forward. The most wicked thing about this project is that Mitchell is inviting everyone along for the ride. Through Kickstarter Mitchell started a fund raiser, and with more than 30 days left the target needed to make this project possible has not only been reached but almost doubled. But if you want to be a part of this, you still have the chance, back the project and you’ll not only get some wicked comics in a bottle plus their digital version but will also be credited in some bottles sent to sea.

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The comics themselves which are all written by Mitchell vary in nature and are drawn by different artists including Kimberlee Traub (Worms), Joe Badon (Built), and Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn).

This is a project Wicked Comics highly recommends!

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