Jean-Paul Deshong, artist from titles Damsels (Mermaids), by Dynamite Entertainment, Neverland, by Zenescope Entertainment, and Big Bad Wolf, By Arch Enemy Entertainment, now brings you his samurai epic and what happens when strangers from distant lands are brought together through circumstance. The first book, SONS OF FATE ( ORIGINS) is the first of a three part anthology. Beautifully drawn, and fully colored graphic novel is now available on in physical, and digital format as well as its availability, on Amazon Kindle, Nook, Google play, Apple Ibooks as well as your local retiail stores in the US and Europe.

The story on Sons of Fate is far and branching. On , anyone visiting can view the web series FISHING WITH MY FATHER, which is a prequel story to the ORIGINS story. The web series revolves around the protagonist Jinjaku, Daiki, and his outings with his father, a lowly old fisherman, and their adventures. This ( as well as those who follow ), as made not only for the reader to gain a greater understanding on Sons of fate, but the characters within the story, and their reasons of who they are and who they become. Also, these series serve as branching series to interconnect the three graphic novels. Some stories will be told as before and after the events of the main series, while others will serve as interludes. In short, Sons of Fate looks to be more than just the standard graphic novel but as an event told by branching stories through multiple lives and even affecting the feudal history of Japan itself. Sons of fate is an new ,intricate, and exciting way to branch a story in the comic medium, through different venues, all connected, all created to carry the story.

The title Son’s of Fate is tied to a simple theme which is the book’s mantra. A simple ideology that no matter how random things may see, only in the end, after all the connections are made, does one see the purpose of those events.

It is the Tokugawa Era. The Shogunate having suppressed the constant rebellions of the nation now set their sights on expanding their dominance throughout the world. In doing so, General Daiki Jinjaku is commissioned to lead a small fleet seaward in order to gain new trade routes, and charter waterways to new lands. The general, having the utmost pride toward his duty toward his nation, triumphantly goes forth, leaving his wife and son, Omo behind. Omo, wanting to grow up in the honorable ways of his Daiki promises to work hard in everything he does in order to reach his Daiki’s greatness and success. Daiki promises that one day he will return to his homeland to see the pride of Japan, his son, has become.

Years later on their way home from their mission, the brave volunteers were overwhelmed by obstacles obscuring their journey. This mission, almost from its onset is met with great catastrophe, and most of the fleet is lost. Eventually it is only Daiki alone who reaches mainland. Daiki manages to not only survive, but settles in his new homeland: The land is Africa. Through circumstance he is paired by a young and impressionable boy named Kamau, who wins Daiki’s favor through sheer will.

From the onset of his mission to now, Daiki has not understood the tragedy in his life. His failures, far outweighing his successes, both seemed to point to a place he cannot envision. His only option was to press forward. Not been able to see where his destiny has been leading him, questioning his actions on if he made the right choice, which lead him here, with the death of all his men on his shoulders; KNOWING that he may never see his beloved wife and child again. Daiki finally realizes his purpose. He decides to take on this child as an apprentice, teaching him EVERYTHING he has learned in his life. He does this as a tribute to his son: His son, in the time span from his leaving Edo to the strange land, is now a man. A man whom he knows he may never see again. That is just the beginning. That is “Origins”.

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