“If you want something done, you need to go out and do it” says American creator David Sandoval. A Credo that Wicked Comics firmly shares. In this article we”ll have a look at the up and coming comic publisher N.A.S. Studios which David founded in October 2011.

Comic writer and publisher David Sandoval who currently resides in Texas (USA) has graduated from film school in 2007 and is presently pursuing a degree in business. He invested a lot of hard work and effort in setting up N.A.S. Studios, but with an impressive crew in place that hard work already looks like it”s paying off. N.A.S. Studios will launch their first three titles this year and with other projects already in development, 2012 is looking like a big year for this promising studio.

The first title called The Art of Andrew Mangum Volume 1 will be released shortly (13th June, 2012). The book takes a peek at 10 years of artwork created by N.A.S Studios” very own Editor-in-Chief/Illustrator/Inker Andrew Mangum. Known for his dark and hyper-detailed work, Andrew has been very busy and has published work with top tier publishers such as DC and Image as well as a variety of leading Indy publishes such as Zenescope Entertainment, Arcana Comics and Lead-Pipe Entertainment. Andrew has also worked on a number of album covers and storyboards. N.A.S. Studios” first title will celebrate Andrew”s contribution to the comics industry and promises to leave the fans wanting more.

The Art of Andrew Mangum Volume 1 will be followed by the release of issue 1 of “Black Mass” in August 2012. This exciting new series takes places in 1690 before the Salem Witch Trials. What if everything you thought about the witch trials was caused by one event where good is evil and what you thought was evil is good? With witchcraft considered a disease and many innocent people accused of practicing it, Black Mass follows the plight of a girl born with gifts many consider to be a curse. Written by David Sandoval and Adriana Mendoza and drawn by Stefano Cardoselli, Black Mass promises to be an intriguing adventure.

In October 2012 N.A.S Studios will release Nekros; their first adventure/horror graphic novel. Nekros follows the plight of Alejandro a middle aged priest who after a close encounter with death receives a special ability, one which could be either a blessing or a curse. Written by David Sandoval, drawn by Andrew Mangum, grey-toned by Matt Houk and lettered by Kel Nuttall, Nekros promises to make your skin crawl.

Besides the release of these titles N.A.S. Studios also have a number of other exciting projects in development which includes Tribulations of Abaddon which focuses on a group of humans who are caught in a war between heaven and hell, The Closet a drama about a boy escaping reality, revenge story Psycho Bill and a spaghetti western called Heart and Stone.

N.A.S. Studios is composed of David Sandoval (publisher/writer), Andrew Mangum (Editor-in-Chief/illustrator/inker), Danita Mangum (Chief Operations Officer/graphic designer), Patrick Blaine (cover artist/illustrator), Stefano Cardoselli (cover artist/illustrator), David Ocampo (colourist/illustrator), and Kel Nutter (writer/lettering).

According to David Sandoval “N.A.S Studios is here to take the world by storm” and from what we”ve seen so far we couldn”t agree more.

Stay tuned for more information about releases from this Studio.

In the meantime make sure to visit their wicked website at:


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