Tuscan born creator Stefano Cardoselli who has done the interior artwork for N.A.S. Studios‘ forthcoming 4 issue mini-series Black Mass has just announced that his latest project WALK is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter and is being published through ThirstyShadow Productions.

Walk is a full colour 32 pages long one-shot and will be available for €7 in September 2012. The story and illustrations are by Stefano Cardoselli who along with his wife Rita Gorgoni have founded Azurek Studios, whilst Stephen Nelson did the writing and Bram Meehan did the lettering.

In the hellishly repressive ‘utopia’ of America’s not-too-distant future, mindless televised violence is the last surviving art form. A dying society’s final means of catharsis finds its ultimate expression in The Tower Of Justice, seventeen stories of carnage and cameras, where hundreds of condemned criminals fight to the death daily in glorious prime time. Enter Garrotte, a living mountain of muscle and angst, a man determined to take the ‘long walk’ to the top of the tower, where, it’s just possible, the ultimate prize of freedom awaits…

“Walk is a mix of sci-fi and ultraviolence inspired by magazines like 2000AD and Simon Bisley’s Lobo. I will be hand-coloring the book…”Stefano Cardoselli, Story and Art

“Without a doubt the most over-the-top violent comic I have ever worked on.”Stephen Nelson, Writer

“Stefano Cardoselli – I hate this guy! I’ve only published everything he’s sent me! I think he can draw his ass off, and look forward to his next contribution.”Kevin Eastman, Heavy Metal Editor-in-Chief

“Stefano Cardoselli is fast becoming one of my favourite artists” Chris Le Galle VP of Wicked Comics – Organisers of the annual Malta Comic Convention.

The pre-order campaign will run till the 8th of August 2012. As customary with Kickstarter campaigns, various extras have been bundled with different price range, and perks include sketchbooks (featuring Cardoselli’s amazing artwork) 3 different wicked t-shirts, a limited edition hand sewn Garrotte wrestling mask, an extremely limited edition Garrotte resin figure as well as cameo appearances in the book and original artwork.

Stefano Cardoselli is currently one of Wicked Comics‘ favourite creators and thus we cannot but recommend this awesome looking book.

To pre-order Walk kindly visit:

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