New to Afterburn this February, 2015 comes a tale of Time Travel, Enhancers and Unity from Robert W. Hickey and Tom & Mary Bierbaum – STORMQUEST: TIMESTORM.

Robert Hickey: StormQuest creator “StormQuest is the launching point for SkyStorm. Events in this story we have major consequences that will lead to the PARADOX WARS series that premieres Summer 2015. Also, characters from StormQuest will appear in SKYSTORM ORIGINS launching March, 2015 from Afterburn.”

When an experiment with an unearthly stone goes terribly wrong a family, victims of their own curiosity, struggles through an adventure throughout time as each member must adapt to new abilities, meeting new friends and foes along the way. This is the beginnings of the StormQuest Foundation, a team assembled to monitor and protect the ominous timestorm.

STORMQUEST: TIMESTORM is the starting point that leads directly into an all-new series from Afterburn, PARADOX WARS shipping summer of 2015.

StormQuest: Timestorm Graphic Novel #1 – 160 pgs, Full-Color, Soft-Cover, Perfect Binding. – SRP $19.99
Robert W. Hickey (Paradox Wars), Tom & Mary Bierbaum (Legion of Superheroes), Greg Land (Iron Man, Avengers, Spider-Woman), Willie Peppers (Southern Knights), Jerry Foley and Bill Nichols.

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