Wicked Comics are proud to announce that comic writer Johnny Jaye‘s latest project Switchblade Gunsmith is currently in development and issue 1 will be released next month following the current fund raising campaign on Kickstarer.

Written by Johnny Jaye, illustrated by Michael Kennedy and lettered by John Burton, Switchblade Gunsmith is intended as a trilogy. The first part comprising four single issues and also collected as a trade paperback will be released next year.

Switchblade Gunsmith tells the tale of Drake Cutter a vigilante of the wild west, a superhero before a time when people knew what it was like to witness a man defy the laws of modern fitness, acrobatics, the handling of advanced weaponry and technology and the laws of justice. Drake creates his own law, and chases the bad guys while the good guys chase him.

Drake Cutter travels from town to town looking for various political figures who were part of the Millionaire Bareback Cannibals the crew responsible for the gruesome murder of his family while giving a helping hand to those in need.

Switchblade Gunsmith promises to offers a new take on the western genre with this violent, bloody tale of the first ever caped crusader in the Wild West! If the sample pages sent to Wicked Comics by Johnny Jaye are anything to go by, this promises to be a quality book that is certainly worth keeping your eyes on.

As customary with Kickstarter campaigns, various perks are in store for those willing to pre-order this exciting project.

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Stay tuned for more information on Switchblade Gunsmith and other exciting comic book projects!

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