The White House’s first super-team is getting put together – by a guy who sells gyros.

Joe Cyborg, a disembodied head attached to a robot body – who holds an undisclosed position at The White House, is looking to amass an off-the-books team of super-heroes – and former team-mates, The Almighties, have caught his eye…

The Almighties – who disbanded after learning their benefactor was actually an insane Neo-Nazi – comprised armored field leader Maxi-Tron, former downtrodden Canadian housewife turned swingin’ super-heroine Ms. F, British punk rocker/werewolf Nite Fang, black ops soldier-for-hire Mason… and Greek takeout owner Stefanos.

Joe is not without his reservations over the motley crew; but if anyone should need replacing, he already has a new member in mind – in the form of (the Deadpool-parodying) Wayne Winston, who lives in a whale skeleton, in the mysterious underground lair known as Subterranea, with his step-parents Nigel and Rodent.

“This might be a good time for Wayne to be offered such an opportunity,” says Sam Johnson, The Almighties‘ co-creator/writer. “The bizarre habitat he and his family call home was chosen for a reason – its serene environment keeps Wayne’s more…’troubling’…character traits in check… But, at the behest of would-be world-conqueror Muhky – who wants to utilize Subterranea for his own ends – a demon imp is on his way to serve Wayne and co. a very brutal eviction.”

However, whether Wayne will get his lifeline rests in the hands of Stefanos. “Stef is a guy who acts as a part-time presidential aide, when he’s not needed at his takeout, Doner Fella’s,” Johnson continues; “So with his connection to the team and his (inexplicably) trusted position at The White House, who better for Joe Cyborg to have review The Almighties’ potential line-up?”

Stefanos is a man in great demand, though – and his skills are sought after in The Almighties #0 not just by Joe, but by President Obama himself – when Stef is called upon to go back in time and save Obama’s top Man in Black – Agent Coleslaw – after Coleslaw gets his face blasted off in battle.

Written by Sam Johnson (Geek-Girl, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman) & Mike Gagnon (Classic Illustrated, Monkeys & Midgets), illustrated by Eleonora Kortsarz, Graham Pearce, Pablo Zambrano & Ron Gravelle, published by Actuality Press and rated ‘Teen,’ The Almighties #0 is released on November 5th – along with a chance for newcomers to catch up on the team’s debut adventure, when The Almighties #1 gets a new Limited Variant Edition – both available at

Praise for The Almighties:
“If you want a smile on your face, this is the book for you!”
Wayne Hall, Sci-Fi Pulse.

“An entertaining book, Stefanos is probably the standout character. You’ve got to love a super-hero who goes into battle armed with meat on a stick.”
Matt Adler, Ain’t It Cool News.

“Johnson and Gagnon are having a great time and a lot of fun making this comic and it really shows!”
Jack Morris, Blog the Blummin’ Doors Off!

“One of the funniest comics you’ll ever read!”
Glenn B. Fleming, Crikey.

“It had me laughing from start to finish. Go buy it now.”
Rob the Wrecker, Comic Booked.

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