angelKat Entertainment the creative team behind the hit webcomic series Fera just announced that the first issue of The Editors; their new ongoing superhero/villain comic book series with a twist is available for pre-order from IndieGoGo.

Davy Shirley the brains behind angelKat Entertainment told Wicked Comics that The Editors are a clandestine group who take control of the lives of heroes and villains alike, and resetting the universe when it suits them. But what happens when a two-bit crook awakes from the latest reset, and remembers everything….

This is the premise of angelKat Entertainment’s latest title, follow the adventures of this once villain-turned-hero as he attempts to unravel the mystery at the heart of The Editors and at the same time stop himself from becoming just another cape.

The Editors is written by Paul Burr and illustrated by Davy Shirley. It is Paul Burr’s first foray as a comic writer. The dark fiction writer has previously produced a number of scripts and short stories showing a penchant for dark humour and satire. On the other hand Davy Shirley who since 2010 has been a regular face on the UK convention circuit has made a name for himself through the popular webcomic Fera which he both wrote and illustrated.

angelKat Entertainment have told Wicked Comics that they decided to run The Editors’ pre-order campaign on fund raising site IndieGoGo to not only make it more accessible to fans (by using a trustworthy system people are familiar with) but also to allow fans to benefit from the various extras available through different bundles. The pre-order campaign will run till the 4th of August 2012 and digital copies of the comic will be sent to those who pre-order it the following week, while printed copies and other bundle items will be posted once they are received from the printers which should not be later than mid September.

Extra items that have been bundled with varying prices for readers; range from those who want just a digital copy at $5, all the way up to die hard fans with a massive bundle of comics, artwork, cameos, posters, and a framed, customised newspaper articles featuring the reader as a super hero or super villain for $200.

To pre-order issue 1 of The Editors which be in full colour and 24 pages long kindly visit:

For more information on angelKat Entertainment kindly visit:

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