Wicked Comics would like to announce that this year’s Malta Comic Con, which will be held on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, will take place at the Magazino Hall/Old Power House at the Valletta Waterfront, instead of St. James Cavalier where it was previously held for the past 6 years. Wicked Comics would like to take this opportunity to thank the past and present Chairman, all the past and present Board members, as well as the past and present staff at St. James Cavalier, for their continued support and assistance. Special thanks go to former Artistic Director Chris Gatt.

“St. James Cavalier and its entire staff will forever hold a special place in our hearts and we look forward to organising future events there. The decision to re-locate the Malta Comic Convention was not an easy one but we felt in order to accommodate the demand and continue to grow further a bigger venue was necessary” said Chris Le Galle co-founder of Wicked Comics.

Wicked Comics are incredibly excited to be hosting the seventh edition of the Malta Comic Con at the Magazino Hall and Old Power House. Situated just below the Valletta Bastions and adjacent to the Valletta Waterfront, the Magazino Hall and the interconnected Old Power House are as versatile as they are rich in history. The Magazino Hall was built in 1727 as part of the original building where vats stored oil for street lamps. In the middle of the 19th century gas lamps were introduced in the harbour area and the building was incorporated within the island’s first power house. The Old Power House was originally constructed in the 1700’s when the Knights Hospitallers were working on the Floriana fortifications, until it was transformed and operated as Malta’s first electricity production plant. The building is a fascinating layering of spaces and reflects the checkered history of the Grand Harbour over the centuries. The rustic structure with high ceiling and architectural features of the building, display an interesting contrast between old and new.

The increased floor space allows for more exhibitors to take part in Malta’s most anticipated pop culture event. Wicked Comics are also proud to announce that the events programme of this year’s Malta Comic Con will be bigger than ever before and contains a lot of new, fun, interactive activities.

“The versatility of the venue and increased floor space inspires us to be even more creative at the Con than in previous years,” said Wicked Comics President Fabio Agius.

The organisers of the Malta Comic Con wish to thank Christian Saliba and the rest of the crew that curates the Magazino Hall and Old Power House, Johan Galea from the Malta Council for Culture and Arts, Architect Claude Mallia, and Angele Abela from the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government without whose help the relocation would not have been possible.

“The Malta Comic Con is one of the most well organized and friendly convention I have been to in over 9 years of comic cons around Europe…” said Jenika Ioffreda, a guest creator at the 2014 Malta Comic Con. “It was such a pleasant surprise and I’ll definitely take part again and again.”

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